Kevin O'Leary has now 20% of his portfolio in Crypto! But which ones!?

Hi HODLers,

Kevin O'Leary sat down with Cointelegraph to talk about his investments in cryptocurrencies.


He became well known in the cryptoworld after:

admitting in December 2021 that crypto could reach 20% of his portfolio, O’Leary revealed to Cointelegraph some of his top picks for 2022 and beyond.

He currently has 32 positions and 20% of his portfolio in crypto!

He likes a few vehicules to invest in Crypto and they are all the same: Infrastructures

  • Investments in exchanges such as Bitbuy in Canada or other ones in UAE or Middle-East where he feels regulation is getting friendlier.
  • Crypto mining and data centers companies
  • NFT and Metaverse infrastructures

Full interview here



He is a shareholder of FTX, he just put a position in Polygon. He just got in Helium, Solana and Avalanche.

I like his quote: 'Ethereum is too slow for me'. He clearly pushes Solana as any good VC these days and this is why I do not like it.

He didn't mention Fantom which confirms it is not yet crowded with VC investments. Great news!

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