How To earn Crypto even in your Sleep for Free

By Jermaine | CryptoLand Wins | 27 Apr 2021

Wondered how people earn w/o intervention 

for hours?


You would hear of people earning general money, even while they sleep. Ever told HOW it is actually

done? Read with me and do the steps. There is a COMPULSORY first step that HAS TO be done to 

put the root up for this system. Definitely mind that compulsory First Site to join, because it

is THE ROOT to it. The tree will not grow without a root.


How To?

Follow these instructions extremely carefully, so the tree WILL grow.


First site that you MUST join is

This is the ABSOLUTE VITAL root of the money tree. Once you join THIS site, the root has been planted.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW! You will receive a user Id at the left hand corner of the Dashboard where you'll see 


90909 is random, but it would be unique to you.

This number is very vital, else the money tree will not grow!!

With that, the buds are going to grow for you. How to nurture the new money tree?

Start with these sites:


Eth Autofaucet

PR1ME Autofaucet

Jay's n Dee's Autofaucet

DutchyCorp Autofaucet Final


Now to Nurture your new Money Tree.


There are pages that you can do to extend time for the tree to grow. Tricky to learn if you haven't 

done shortlinks before. If you haven't done this before, be very patient and read the

instructions CAREFULLY. Slow at first as baby steps, it could be tiring, but you will learn how,

I promise.


Do as many per site, of the shortlinks, and offers if offered and what can be done throughout the site.

Many hours and hours of autofaucet can build right up shortly. This is potting and watering the tree so to speak.

Do water and nurture for any spare hour you have throughout the day.


Now to earn!


Going to bed for the night? This is when your money tree will grow. open up the sites signed up to and worked on

during the day during breaks and free time. Once you get the AutoFaucets running, leave it alone and do 

likewise until all the Autofaucet sites are running. 




Let it run all night! By morning, you should see a new pile of money at the site.


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