$WHALE is making waves.

By BruceTheGoose | The $DOWN DAO | 7 Aug 2020

$WHALE : The Social Currency for NFT Land

Less than 3 months since it's issuance; $WHALE has gained incredible momentum; secured by the fact that the current market value is driven by a passionate community who see the potential. and are willing (even eager) to help achieve it.

$WHALE was announced as a token intended for universal use in the NFT, digital collectibles, and cryptoart space. What makes it truly unique; and has been my reason for being closely involved with the community, is that it is pegged, in a sense, to a store of value. Whereas most tokens to be considered pegged, or stablecoins, are linked to the value of the USD or another FIAT currency; $WHALE is supported by the accrued value (audited monthly by the pros at nonfungible.com) of all of the NFT assets held in "The Vault". Of course you're wondering: "why do i care that a token is backed by someones NFT collection, that doesn't benefit me any.", and don't worry; I'd likely have the same initial thought; but you see, here's the thing. "The Vault" is no longer one whale's collection; it's OUR vault. The assets within it belong to the $WHALE community, as does the token, the economy driving it, and the future of what it becomes.  

Become a $WHALE in 30 minutes or less.

To answer the obvious questions first: 
How do I know this won't become a pump and dump? 

At the time of this writing, 271 wallets are HODL'ing $WHALE. I'd be shocked to find out that any one of those people aren't with us in the discord, actively participating and utilizing $WHALE and a wide variety of NFT's. 
Additionally; at least 90% of the current liquidity is held by our community, in most cases by those of use who have been deep in the trenches since before the official announcement even happened.

Why would I want a token backed by NFT's?
Three very short, very logical reasons.
1/ NFT's are the future of asset investment, gaming, collecting, and art. (go read abt it)
2/ The value of the assets in OUR vault amount to the most valuable NFT collection in a single wallet, anywhere.
3/ No asset has ever been sold from the vault, and WhaleShark uses his personal HODL to acquire new assets every day. 

When Lambo?
Soon my friend. Soon.

In case I've not managed to peak your interest as of yet; I'll leave you with a bit more exciting info before allowing you to do your own research through the docs, the tokenomics, the community, etc. After all, I don't need to convince anyone to be a part of our community; if you're not already excited to find out more, it's probably because you have weak hands. We don't like weak hands. We're on the HODL bus. 
- Bi-Weekly contests: Currently, and emoji contest with 500 $WHALE in prizes. When it started, the chance to win $100 by making some emojis seemed pretty damn great. Since then we got our game faces on and OUR token is becoming pretty stable at ~$2; meaning someone is gonna win a grand. For emojis. Yep. Tell that to your bitcoin maxi friends.

- $WHALE-Whales: We don't talk about whale-whales. Strong hands only. Much HODL; such wow.

- Rewarded liquidity mining - on top of the already lucrative trade fee returns for being an LP, (I'm at nearly 400% ROI since June) every month, anyone staking above a certain threshold gets a substantial airdrop; to reward and add incentive to keep the market highly liquid. EG: 30 LP's have staked $500+ . 5000 $WHALE is distributed between them; each getting X% where X represents your share of the pool.

Plus we have live streams, community initiatives, airdrops, trivia nights, weekly poker tournaments, and basically everybody who's anybody in the NFT community. 

I'll see you in the splash-zone, fellow whale.

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Happy HODL'ing!
Yours in Decentralization and Freedom of Love
BruceTheGoose | Founder/CEO @ Nifty Pride

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BruceTheGoose is one of very few legitimate NFT experts. Bruce has worked closely with over a dozen dapps and NFT projects as a creative and/or consultatnt, is the founder of Nifty Pride and of NFThub, as well as joining the core team at Polygon studios.


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