Decentralized Social Media

Decentralized Social Media

   As more and more people become increasingly aware of how thoroughly Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. monitor, track and catalog all of our information and web-presence, it makes perfect sense that the majority of the people who look at blockchain and crypto as a foundation on which to build the future (as opposed to simply seeking to invest and make a profit) are making a concious effort to seperate themselves from the social media platforms that are globally used and considered mainstream. Fortunately for me, and now for you, I've spent the past several months seeking alternatives to most Google products, and trying to step further and further away from the data-lake hoarding corporations which have monopolized and corrupted the web2.  Unfortunately, social media has essentially become a staple in most people's day-to-day routine, and it's likely that we'll never really get away from it; but fear not! Just as this dapp is aiming to provide a decentralized and user-focused alternative to Medium, there are a number of social media platforms being built on blockchain and powered by crypto, which are respectful of their users privacy, and in most instances have found ways to reward and incentivize engagement and quality content. The purpose of this post will be to highlight some of the platforms I find myself growing more and more fond of, as well as mentioning a couple that I've yet to really establish a presence on. 



First up is Cent. I'm fairly certain Cent was the first decentralized social media platform I came across as I began my journey down the rabbit-hole, and the community there is (mostly) incredibly supportive of the others using the platform. Occasionally you'll find a turd in the punch bowl, but the supportive and motivational people within the community far outweigh the jerks. They made some pretty significant changes recently, and I'm still undecided how I feel about the updates, but that's beside the point. The community seems to have been saturated with creative people working in the NFT space, and that makes it unique in a sense I think. Additionally, if you want extra visibility on your content, you can offer a bounty (a Spot by their terminology) of at least $1, which you then get to award to the most constructive, or most well written response to your post. Additionally, instead of likes on others posts and comments, you leave smaller spots, gifting them 1₡ at a time, and can do this repeatedly if you so choose. While I may be undecided concerning my thoughts on the recent updates to the platform, it is unlikely I'll ever fully migrate away from it, as a couple people in particular who I met there inspired me to ignore the potential negative feedback and start to publish my digital art.


Next on my list is Uptrennd. As much as I love the community on Cent, Uptrennd is quickly becoming one of my favorite social media platforms. Sadly I'm not yet able to offer a referral with a sign-on bonus, but I'll definitely shine a light in their direction regardless of my inability to get a little extra for doing so! On Uptrennd, every time I make a post, I very quickly get a large number of views, and most times just as quickly receive quality feedback on whatever I've written about or the art I post. While using Uptrennd, you passively earn 1UP (their native erc-20 tokens) and earn 'experience' points, which increase your content contributor level (which unless I'm mistaken, serves to increase the rate that you gain 1UP as you gain more levels). While you could certainly HODL your tokens until having enough to make it worth swapping to some $DAI or $ETH, they also have a function that I can best explain by comparing it to Facebook or Twitter ads. What makes that exciting is that instead of paying Fiat on a pay-per-click basis, you can spend your $1UP to boost your post for a chosen number of views, so basically by using the platform and reading other peoples posts, you can earn promotion for your own content.

Third, we have Minds. I'm not overly familiar with Minds yet, as I just recently heard about it during Ready Layer One, so I won't be able to go into too much detail of their platform, but it reminds me slightly of Facebook from its layout. They also have a native token that can be earned through engagement and quality content on their platform, and something that I think sets them apart (while also staying more true to the decentralized web and creative freedom) is that they allow NSFW content, so long as you label it as such to allow for people to choose whether they want to see it. Their native tokens can also be used to boost the visibility of your posts, and if you're feeling real froggy, they have a premium membership that grants additional tokens on a monthly bases, and surely some other bonuses, but again, I'm not real familiar with that platform as of yet, but I did find a fairly informative short video that I'll share here. 

I hadn't meant for this article to be this long quite honestly, so I'll touch on a couple others before I wrap it up and will just summarize them fairly quickly, then I'll add a link to redeem some $FTHR (my 'social currency')(tho I generally refer to it as my ArtCoin). So this one is exciting, and I won't pretend I know all the details because I've not yet done my proper research, but since we're talking about crypto-powered social media, as well as platforms that respect the privacy and the content of their users, Reddit. Yep. Known to some as a dark corner of the internet and the birthplace of some of the world's greatest internet trolls, yesterday afternoon (5-13) marked the beginning of their Karma system being overhauled to be a valuated ERC20, which I believe is called Community Tokens for the time being. Theres been some whispers of this potentially happening for a few weeks, and it has finally arrived! While a number of people thought it would have very little impact on anything, as there's already a fair number of crypto-focused subreddits, it actually made a pretty big splash, with an estimated 8 million reddit users creating their first ever Ethereum wallet to participate in the communities where its being tested. 

A couple more platforms that deserve a mention are Mastodon, a decentralized alternative to twitter that can be 'forked' to host on your own domain, allowing for a semi-privatized social network for your community (or anyone else with the link), and Empire.Kred, which is one small aspect of the .kred network. specifically isn't EXACTLY social media, they refer to it as the "social stock market for influencers" but its definitely worth a glance. You invest their in-game currency in other people, akin to stocks, and can offer rewards for 'missions' to incentivize people to visit your website, follow you on social media, etc., and through playing your social stock value increases as well as granting you Empire Coins, which can then be customized as NFT's. 

It's wild that I've gotten this far into this article and am just now thinking to mention the Hive Network, so bear with me just a little bit longer. Nearly everyone in the cryptoverse is aware of the existence of Steemit, and the majority of us are aware that the Steemit network was essentially dealt a coup de'grace by Justin Sun, CEO of Tron. (if you weren't aware, allegedly, thousands of people had left their Steem staked in token-exchange hosted wallets, essentially handing control of their HODL'ing to the exchanges it was left on, allowing for those exchanges and Trons director to be holding the larger majority of Steem, which in turn gave them the governance power to take control of the entire platform. Around 70% of the staff left, wither immediately or a short time after, and they created Hive, an improvement to Steemit, which is fully decentralized. I've not actually utilized the Hive Network, it seems any time I think of it, I'm busy with something else; but as far as I know (dont quote me) Hive has a photo sharing center,  a video site akin to youtube, a blogging platform, and other social media style networking, but as stated, I've not explored it myself yet, so feel free to factcheck me. 

Thanks for your time! Please bear in mind none of what I write is to be taken as financial advice, and my opinions are my own. To show appreciation for your time and attention, here is some $FTHR, my social currency that can be used to obtain some of my art NFT's that are exclusively available through Roll.

Yours in decentralization,
BruceTheGoose | Founder: | dappgoose labs

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NF-Tea Time by BruceTheGoose
NF-Tea Time by BruceTheGoose

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