Using Crypto Twitter and a Stocktwits approach

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 13 Jun 2020

Both Crypto Twitter and Stocktwits are great places to educate yourself!

If you don’t know Stocktwits, it’s a kind of “Twitter for Stocks” which is both on the web and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can follow both particular stocks and people posting. They’ve just expanded to a 1,000 word limit. Actually there are also a lot of cryptocurrency tickers that you can follow too, for example Ontology is $ONT.X and Bitcoin is $BTC.X.

So what is a Stocktwits approach?

1. Use both Crypto Twitter and Stocktwits combined to track the sentiment of the market.

2. Curate yourself a list of clever mentors and sources, make sure to edit and prune the list - try to follow the players in the space - the thought leaders, developers, investors, OGs. The trick is to avoid the shills and the trolls, maybe follow for fun but be able to recognize and filter them! Or set up two Twitter accounts to filter them.

3. Follow the projects you are interested in - say Ethereum and Cardano

4. Use both to keep up with news; faster than other ways, again be careful of those with an agenda - be skeptical.

There are an awful lot of crypto-related posts weekends!

Read up on this approach from Howard Lindon - "Who do I follow on Stocktwits and How to Get Started" (he’s the founder of Stocktwits)

"40 Accounts on Crypto Twitter that really matter" (ConsenSys)

and if you’re on Twitter this curated list is awesome, click the link and get following ...


via Nathaniel Whittemore

Disclaimer: I have no business connection with Howie or Stocktwits, I'm just a fan.
Always do your own due diligence, financial decision making should always be your own.

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