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By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 13 Jun 2020

There are the proverbs “even monkeys fall from trees” and “to err is human” - so everybody can make a mistake.

When I am doing some proofreading here in Japan, there are some obvious mistakes that just “jump off the page” for me, but sometimes I think “Is that correct?” or “Is that true English?” and at times like these Google search is a great tool.

Put the term in quotes and you can get matches on exact terms, and then you can look at the source of those matches - is it credible, which country is it from?

If you get a match from a lot of non-native English sites or publications - it could be very specific (but correct) English or translations used in Japan or it could be some kind of Japanese English.

Here is an example from today:

“centuries of musical history” versus “centuries of the musical history”.

The translator seemed to want to use “the”, but personally I would omit it.

So I did a quick Google search thus:


No “the” is definitely best!

There are lots of other techniques you can use when searching:

Refine Web Searches via Google Search Support

If you really find it tough checking you work, take a look at Grammarly - it's a souped up spell and grammar checker that can really improve your wri
ting. Plus there's a free trial!

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