Faucets - yes or no?

Faucets - yea or nay?

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 17 Nov 2021

Money for nothing?

So as you may know there are sites where you can get free cryptocurrency - well free in the sense that you are buying with your time and the hassle of clicking through pop-ups and captchas.

So are they worthwhile?

Many, many would say no, but I believe they have some functions.

First of all, they enable newcomers to experience cryptocurrency with no risk, with no investment. Just the time and effort of getting an address to plug into the faucet.

Second, the amount collected now, sure will be minuscule, BUT if the token appreciates considerably that one dollar you have built up can become ten or even one hundred dollars!

Third, sometimes you actually need small amounts to do a transaction or to join a pool. An example is Chia - you might have the disks, the computer etc., set up to farm but you need a small amount of XCH to start - hence the faucets are really useful. With Solana the transaction fees are really low, you can accumulate some $SOL and play with Phantom, Solflare or Slope wallets.

Faucets I actually use


Freebitco.in - been going for ages, I've done well from this one!


Daily Freebits - OG faucet ("original gangsta")

Daily Freebits

Cointiply - gamification, funky red theme


Faucet Pay - use it to receive payments and to find new faucets

Faucet PayFaucet listChia

If you don't know about Chia, you should investigate the minimum set up - here's a list of SIX faucets!

The best is XCH Faucet from togatech.



Get a wallet and address and hit those faucets!

Best Sol faucet

The best is Sol Faucet from togatech again!


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