Death by PowerPoint!

Death by PowerPoint!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 18 Jun 2020

A lot of crypto people find themselves in the position of giving a public speech or presentation, and unfortunately a lot of the folks simply aren’t very good at it.

It’s not nationality, but living in Japan the locals here do tend to be even more unaccustomed to it.

My advice is always try to see it from the audience’s side.

What is their level of understanding (both the topic and, here in Japan, language)?

What is the background of the audience members? Why are they here? What do they want?

What is the context of the presentation? What has come before, what is coming after?

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures wrote a great piece based on his experiences of New York’s Blockchain Week entitled simply Public Speaking; the gist being:

1. Be brief. People have short attention spans these days!

2. Be bold. It’s good if you stand out. Crypto conferences tend to be a sea of speakers and projects vying for attention.

3. Have fun. If you are enjoying yourself, the audience maybe are too!

Like Fred I’ve attended a lot of boring, ineffective presentations, but equally some really excellent ones.

My main advice would be speak (or speak from notes), don't read (it's really hard not to be boring), practice and rehearse, be prepared to change the presentation mid-course.

Graphics are great, and of course cut across language barriers.

And, most of all, avoid this - "Death by PowerPoint"!

[A must watch comedy video!]


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