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Missives from the missing HODLer: or growing a portfolio by doing nothing

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 5 May 2021

OMFG. Has it really been this long since I posted? (Rhetorical question, yes. Yes, it has.)

Hi! How are you all? Tell me everything.

So. To explain my absence (I know you noticed, right? RIGHT?)...

Uh. I got stuck. 

No. Really. 

I made it kinda as far as I was going to, given my budget (eency) and my knowledge (slightly more than eency). Therefore, I did what any of you sensible folks would have advised me to do: I went HODLing. 

I decided to stay in place, keep my crypto where it was, as it was, and see what happened. And, being a human with occasionally obsessive tendencies, to really HODL, to weather the bizarre and exciting losses and gains that happen over the course of hours and days without getting infected by FOMO or making some...unfortunate moves, I had to lock my shit down -- temporarily, in a "vault" wallet -- and walk away. 

Just don't look.

Just don't look!

And this is exactly what I did. 

It wasn't difficult. There was pandemic news to watch, constantly, after all. To distract me. 

That is, until DOGE and NFTs started creeping into the news, to the point where, even, a few of my more vanilla relatives started asking me about crypto. Temptation was everywhere.

I held on as long as I could. 

I HODLed for 6 months. Then, I looked. 


Unsurprisingly, my Ethereum went up. Quite a tidy bit. But what shocked me was how much some of my lil coins went up. A lot.

Before I "left," I did a small amount of moving the smaller stuff around. Not a lot. I kept what I already had in Lumens. I got some MAKER for nothing, and thought it was kinda cool, so I converted some of my sketchcoins to MAKER and ALGO, because ALGO was cheap. I kept whatever Tezos I'd gotten free from Coinbase, as is -- same with the piddly Zcash I'd gleaned from a series of faucets. Tezos, well, I could stake. The Zcash, I barely had more than dust. 

And time, novelty, and lucky stupidity (on my part) quadrupled to tenfold(ed) those.

Yo. I have a PORTFOLIO.

I'm gonna have to do something about this. I guess I'm not stuck anymore. Now I have to learn when to HODL, when to SODL, and when to FOLD-el.

TL;DR: I'm back. I made money. Watch me figure out WTF to do now. Also, hello!

Key takeaways: it's not a terrible thing to do nothing when you don't know what to do next, especially when the only things at stake are a $20 initial investment, low expectations, and time (if it's been as cheap for you, as it has for me, this past strange year).

PS: I am sure I will also have to vent more on dust. I have $%@^^&R?5!!! balances of shit coins here and there and everywhere, none of them enough to roll anywhere, but in sum total, equal to more than I even first invested. Fractions of pennies? Meh. Equal to a nice dinner somewhere? Harder, psychologically, to walk away from. It is what it is. I know.

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