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Greedo's pickle: what to do with my crypto dust

21 Sep 2020 3 minute read 3 comments Spitkitten

I think I've greeded (Greedo-ed) myself into a bit of a hole. Maybe not a hole. But a pickle. A rookie pickle. Noob pickle. A not-thinking-ahead pickle. (are you wanting pickles now? I want a pickle. Drown my pickle in pickles. How many more times ca...

The Sugarfix challenge

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read 5 comments Spitkitten

Smart, funny @Sugarfix issued a challenge a few days back, to see how ridiculous a product review one can get away with getting posted, for real and true. I'm a sucker, and all out of post ideas rn (hey! My state is one of the ones on FIRE, and smoke...

Finding help when you are past needing

15 Sep 2020 1 minute read 5 comments Spitkitten

This is wildly off-topic for this blog, but I think it's important. So, bear with me for a huggy, touchy-feely PSA. For another project, which is getting shuttered, I wrote a guide to finding a therapist. Working in mental health, I saw a gap; there'...

The seduction of Cryptokitten by Don Juan Cardano

14 Sep 2020 3 minute read 10 comments Spitkitten

Scene opens, my last post. In the comments section No love for Cardano? @cryptoscrimper  asked. I don't know it, yet, I said. Maybe I should look it up, for homework, I said. End scene I was trying to make a joke. But then my weirdo Aspie crap kicke...

ETH, the booty call

10 Sep 2020 3 minute read 4 comments Spitkitten

Ugh. It's been a bit of time since my last post, where I bemoaned my flagging relationship with Ethereum,  got some great responses -- my fave being from @stackingcats, re: keeping ETH as a booty call. It's not only funny -- it's wise. And here's why...

Breaking up is hard to do

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read 9 comments Spitkitten

I need some relationship counseling. I've been in this one relationship for a few months now. At first, everything seemed perfect. Loving. Solid. With plenty of room for growth, you know?  It felt like the relationship could and would go somewhere. I...

Stake & bake: getting more crypto

1 Sep 2020 2 minute read 6 comments Spitkitten

I'm staking Tezos. It's cool. My Tezos are magically making more Tezos. In my Trust Wallet (along with a buncha other wallets and exchanges, likewise), I don't even have to do anything except designate my # of Tezos, hit "stake" and then, sit back an...

DeFi alive!: the birth of $MEME

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read 8 comments Spitkitten

Last post, I shared my joy over a stupid joke. And I gotta say, the further I get into this crypto hedge maze, the more I appreciate the sense of humor (most) of the community shares, on the regular.  Like the $MEME stuff. Did you catch this, late la...

Faucet trolling: tell me it ain't true, Ripple!

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 5 comments Spitkitten

Those of you who've peeked at this blog, know that I'm a reluctant devotee of faucets. Not because faucets are awesome, really, but because I'm starting out and wanted initially -- and am still square in "initial" -- to see how much crypto I could sc...

An off-topic PSA from my cat

25 Aug 2020 1 minute read 8 comments Spitkitten

  He wouldn't stop yelling until I shared on my platforms. Raise awareness!  What do we want? FOOD NOW! When do we want it? NOW FOOD! He's a really brave, inspirational survivor.


PublishOx and Down Voting

21 Sep 2020 rah

21 September 2020
Yeah. I’ve got a serial downvoter who made it known he plans to downvote every article I write – no matter the quality or content – because I’m a woman and I skew liberal…both of which he considers crimes against the “crypto community.” He has more than one account, so it’s been pointless to try and play whack the troll. 🙄 Still, it sucks. I don’t have a huge readership to begin with, so I guess I should relish, at least, having a passionate hater.

I tried to earn Bitcoin Cash on read.cash for 7 days...was it worth it?

21 Sep 2020 The Kragle

21 September 2020
Interesting. Thanks for the thoughtful review. I was wondering if there's a ding for straight cross posting -- I haven't run into that on Hive (though I have to admit, I'm dragging my Hive feet, even to cross post bc I still don't quiiiite grok how it works). I've had a read.cash account, but haven't done anything...sounds like I'd have to reword my posts and then spend time there. Sounds like...not worthwhile. Tipped, of course.

The Sugarfix challenge

16 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

16 September 2020
TY! I have to admit I made myself giggle when I typed, "2020 is my year." 🤣

The Sugarfix challenge

16 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

16 September 2020
This is why we are friends. I have AS and PsA. 😍 Seriously. I've randomly met 2, now 3 people here, of which I've become fond, in which discover we also have something non-crypto in common. It's wild.

Finding help when you are past needing

15 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

15 September 2020
Yeah? Are you sure you don't have *my* brain? It's been missing all week (you're steeped in the smoke, too, yah?) ❤

Finding help when you are past needing

15 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

15 September 2020
Thank you. I appreciate it.

The seduction of Cryptokitten by Don Juan Cardano

14 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

14 September 2020
And I will go find the challenge and thusly endeavor, m'lord of the awesome nose.

The seduction of Cryptokitten by Don Juan Cardano

14 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

14 September 2020
Awwwww! Also thank you. My head is getting too big for my dunce cap! 😎

The seduction of Cryptokitten by Don Juan Cardano

14 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

14 September 2020
Thank you! I have a lot of fun with this stuff.

The seduction of Cryptokitten by Don Juan Cardano

14 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

14 September 2020
Aww jeeze. You're right. Editing now, but I'll still keep for you in there. Cuz you're awesome. And I am batty.

Want your posts to start trending on Publish0x? Here's how to start

10 Sep 2020 The Kragle

11 September 2020
Solid advice, as usual. Thank you! I have to work harder on positioning myself, I think. My MO is still for fun and because I learn best by teaching. But breaking 25 cents on an article would be cool, too. 😉

ETH, the booty call

10 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

11 September 2020
Yay! That's my whole raison d etre...learn this stuff and drag you along with me. ❤

ETH, the booty call

10 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

11 September 2020
Not no love. I haven't sat dowm and looked at Cardano yet. Maybe that should be my next homework assignment. 🙌

Crypto Publishing Platform Publish0x Delays Withdrawals Due to Ethereum Fee Spike

3 Sep 2020 TheDesertLynx

04 September 2020
Yeah, the announcement led to me wondering if I should break up with ETH altogether. I tried listing pros and cons in a post. I have so much invested -- not just the actual crypto, but but also time and energy.

Breaking up is hard to do

3 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

04 September 2020
Lololol. Noice. I like the way you think. ETH is still reallllly cute.

Breaking up is hard to do

3 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

03 September 2020
Lol. Thanks! I still have all big feels for ETH bae.

Breaking up is hard to do

3 Sep 2020 Spitkitten

03 September 2020
Thank you! Do we hang on, though? What's your plan?

Ethereum 2.0 - The Problem Coin

3 Sep 2020 Thomas Wolf

03 September 2020
My condolences. I lost my sister same way. Sending you strength, which I know sounds absurd. But I'll keep you in my thoughts. Can't hurt. 🌹

Investing in Your First Piece of Digital Real Estate

2 Sep 2020 Brennan

02 September 2020
Agreed. I find myself reluctant to spend eth in a game. But I do buy games and game stuff with fiat, frequently. I don't get why it feels different with crypto.

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Web3 Foundation Has an Open Grants Program

25 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Web3 Foundation

Web3 Foundation has an open grants program that runs alongside our general grants program. Transparent and efficient, the new program is running on GitHub, funding projects that support the Polkadot ecosystem up to US$30K equivalent, administered in...

Amazon are launching a new Echo but have made a house I wouldn't want to live in

25 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Sugarfix

Amazon are launching a new Echo. It's ball-shaped and as usual the marketing says it's brilliant. With one command you can send music all over the house, yada, yada, yada. Amazon have thought of everything ....well almost ....the house they designed...

Testifying for Publish0x judges and STATERA... much love for feeding the hand that bites them

21 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love you - thanks for setting the groundworks for a better human society in the new millennium. Separate money from state from church! We are here today to testify to the glory of Publish0x contests; so thankful  for tying for first in...

Starter Deck for the Life Splinter || Ep. #24 || Splinterlands

21 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments mercurial9

If you have just started playing Splinterlands and you are looking for good starter cards, the following cards are essential for the Life Splinter for new players. Starter Deck for the Life Splinter Battlefield Positions This is how the monster...

Review Challenge - Create a funny review that gets past censorship and is accepted

13 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Sugarfix

The other day I bought a toilet seat from a store called Wilko and they sent me an automated email asking me to review the product. I was "you want me to review a toilet seat....seriously? Ok let's see if this gets past censors" so I wrote.   A trea...

Want your posts to start trending on Publish0x? Here's how to start

10 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments The Kragle

If you are a new author on Publish0x, you know how hard it is to get noticed. There is a lot of talent in this community (and in others such as YouTube, Hive, Minds, etc.), and your new posts often get buried. In order to get more views and tips, you...

🔥25 Free Spins with No Deposit Needed - Trust Dice *Dapp.com Exclusive Campaign

7 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Dapp.com

  What Is Trust Dice?   Trust Dice is a casino platform built using blockchain technology, which means it’s fully transparent and provably fair. It offers various online casino games such as slots and poker, as well as blockchain-exclusive games suc...

Fleischfabrik 4.0 | Hear Yer Meat To Have Yer Pudding

5 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Neon-Kitten

  If you don't hear yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't hear yer meat?     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit PlanetDystopia....

Approaches to forecasting market movements

4 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments mercurial9

The ability to forecast market movements has evaded investors and traders in the past and will continue to prove to be elusive for years to come. This ability to predict market movements is, of course, the "holy grail" of investing. However, to quote...

Paid crypto-blogging websites - weekly review

3 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments aschatria

I know things are tense in the world and I can't expect much from anything. I spent a week on a few websites and here is what I got. It definitely pictures what kind of the activity is going on within certain websites. Numbers don't lie, week was AY...



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