Fortune favors the Brave (browser)?

Fortune favors the Brave (browser)?

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 1 Aug 2020

Everyone, everywhere, including you, have been talking and recommending Brave browser, and, like I do, I resisted -- it's a stupid impulse I have...if everyone lurves it, I instantly am too cool for it. 

I'm a dummy. Don't be me.

Brave is, actually, pretty cool. For those of you who have managed to not hear about Brave, it's a browser (it's not a search engine -- when you download it, you can choose your preferred search engine) which essentially does three things differently than any other browser:

  1. It respects privacy, by automatically blocking trackers as you browse. If you use Tor, you can use it inside a tab in Brave. The fact that these are blocked, means browsing is faster...tho minimally, really, when you compare...if you're using a system, yanno, that's remotely modern. Still. They say it's faster, and I like what they have to say about privacy.
  2. You can opt into ads in the browser. These ads appear as (mostly) unobtrusive notifications, and you can choose a max (if any) you get served per hour, up to 5. And when you click ads, you get paid, in a small amount of Basic Attention Token (BAT). AFAIK, the longer and deeper you actually look at an ad, the more BAT earned, but I haven't proved that either way. You aren't penalized for ignoring ads, but are rewarded for visiting. 
  3. If you're a philanthropic sort, you can use your BAT to anonymously tip site owners who have signed up as verified publishers on Brave, to support their good works. You can tip one site, a bunch of sites, set it as one time or monthly. If you tip using your earned BAT, it costs you nothing to be a good citizen. And! You can get set up as a publisher to get tipped! -- easy peasy, on any site you own, as well as your twitter, and a very few other platforms.

All in all, I like Brave. I have it on my phone, and while I haven't moved into it 100%, I find myself using it quite a bit.

Now for the bummers. There are a few, and you can even argue me on at least one, because it's all about taste:

  1. You have to get *yet* another account slash wallet to catch your BAT (unless you are already using Uphold, which I wasn't). Once you get a transfer, you can then move your BAT anywhere you want. But I really don't love having 900 billionty open accounts everywhere, myself. Not a perfect world though.
  2. Brave bites a big ass chunk of tips to creators, something like 20-25% (I haven't done personally. dealt with this yet -- just saw in the FAQs), which is a LOT. Just sayin'.
  3. Earning is sloooooooooow. I diligently clicked my 5 ads for 3 days, say, 6 hours per (so ~90 ads, give/take), and I have earned 4.3 BAT (about 1 US dollar). I am not sneezing. But that's a lotta clicking for a buck.
  4. I cannot, for the life of me, find documentation on whether there's a minimum for withdrawal. You need 25 BAT to "verify" your Uphold wallet, but I can't find out if that affects withdrawing my BAT. My first payment date is August 5, so I guess I'll know then?
  5. This is just me, maybe. But on Android, the auto tip function was checked by default, basically giving away my BAT before I earned it. And I hate hate hate where the "Bookmark" button is on the bottom toolbar. I hit it CONSTANTLY. Even with my dainty little hands. Yes, it's a subjective UI whinge, but it's right where the "home" circle is on Android. 

Tell me about your experience with Brave! Are you liking it? Over it? 

And, as always, comments and tips appreciated af!


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