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First moves on a new portfolio: HODL, FODL, SODL

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 10 May 2021

I made some moves. After carefully considering all the advice I read and received, checking and talking myself down from FOMO and the temptation of compulsive gambling, refreshing my trading screen, and pacing, I did some stuff.

And true to my TMI form, I'll lay it bare.
I'd made about $1600 unexpected dollars. A modest amount, considering -- I know -- but a tidy pile, considering how small my initial investment was, how new I am/was to crypto (and investing, in general), and the fact that I simply did an accidental solid by letting coins just sit and do their thing during a time when letting them sit meant their thing was to...go up.

I did good HODLing. And since I'm still (but less) inexperienced, it's going to stay my go-to strategy, for the time being.

That being said, I decided I'd be a complete dolt if I didn't take some profit rn. I held off that naggy feeling, wanting to play now with the "house's money" (which is difficult, and based purely on emotion), and so, I "sold" a good amount of Ethereum, and pulled out money as USD.

I, then, took my ZCash, which was doing OK, and "converted" it to Ethereum when ETH did a mini-dip. And lastly, I took some rando DAI I had, which grew from dust to being something, and "converted" that to a small amount of Tezos -- which I then staked.

This leaves me about $300 in current crypto, to play around with, going forward...not counting the $40 or something-something stuck as dust because gas/fees are too high to do anything decent with.

My goal is to double that $300, somehow, in some finite amount of time not yet specified. That's the "house money," I guess, I'm giving myself full permission to experiment with.
I'm still, honestly, not sure what my *next" move will be, besides


And my best research has come from sitting back and reading what y'all are looking at. If you have a blog somewhere or post articles here, and I'm not following you, I wanna know! Drop me links to you or what's been obsessing you, down in comments.

Here's what's on my list, already, in case you're curious (and wanna preview of what I'll prob yammer on next:

  • Chia and "proof of space"
  • WT-ever loving-F is a flashbot

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