Image from the iconic 1902 "Le Voyage dans la Lune" by Georges Méliès!

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 19 Aug 2020

In my (frantic air quotes) real life, I'm a science fiction writer. 

(I haven't hidden my true -- dun dun dun -- identity; my job's in my bio and a good search will "uncover" me. 🙄 But here, I'm a crypto newb, and thas'all.)

The only reason I even mention my day job is so that my SQUEE over this makes some sort of sense.

It's actually fairly pointless news, in terms of utility. But I am screaming like a schoolgirl:

There's been a successful multisignature transaction. From space. 

I often comb news and press releases for story ideas, and came across information about this transaction. It was performed by a private UK company, SpaceChain, working with funding and support of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Apparently, yesterday (18 August), they executed this multisig transaction.

Encrypted data was sent from the International Space Station (ISS) to, uh, Earth! The equipment was sent to the ISS aboard the December 2019 SpaceX Falcon launch.

You can see the transaction slip here.

Here's the cool part, IMHO. SpaceChain says its goal is to establish "...a decentralized orbital constellation for fintech…" (secure satellites for financial transactions, basically), but this also means that the technology needed to provide reliable connectivity between space and Earth, capable of carrying complex data quickly*, has matured tremendously.

This has got my little geek mind CHURNING. Space to ground data packets have long had quirks and thorns. 

* Remember, multisignature transactions require some coordinated choreography. Multiple keys must authorize a crypto transaction, as opposed to one signer/one key. It is more secure, avoiding single points of failure or bad actors.

Any space weirdos out there, excited with me? Lmk, or gently urge me to find a hobby, below. 

Tips are nice, too. 




(Image from the iconic 1902 "Le Voyage dans la Lune" by Georges Méliès)

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