Breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 3 Sep 2020

I need some relationship counseling.

I've been in this one relationship for a few months now.

At first, everything seemed perfect. Loving. Solid. With plenty of room for growth, you know? 

It felt like the relationship could and would go somewhere. I mean, I thought we shared the same values and hopes, and, because of that, we could totally weather all the ups and downs together.

But, now I'm not sure. 

I'm confused and sad. Frustrated. Things have been rough the past few weeks, and though they made some promises about how things will get better -- if I can just hold on -- I'm having some seriously mixed feelings.

Y'all. Should I break up with Ethereum?


ETH's been my go-to crypto, since I started this journey. It was less intimidating than Bitcoin, and the first crypto I understood....and you never forget your first.

It's partially because I'm an internet dork* and as basically the internet style blockchain platform, ETH felt, well, familiar

* though I remember the before days of reading the paper and writing letters, like an f-ing peasant

But the gas fees have got me DOWN**.

** I know, I'm preaching to the choir here

I feel trapped. Here's my conflict: I'm sort of, yeah, buying the ETH2 changes coming (I'll post on why I think this is sexy soon).

And there are other projects I like (not love, like). I like Stellar. I like Tezos***. ZCash is growing on me. 

But some of the currencies I like are just ETH with a different hat, or maybe a mustache.

🤓🤠😇😷😎 <--- same guy, diff accessories

*** I'm shocked at myself, honestly, liking defi projects. There's nothing in my real life to suggest I should have any compatibility with them. But I do! I do! Oh, and, I'm not anti-Bitcoin, or anything. Just something about it still feels like a bridge too far for a shrimp-o like me

I want something between Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and shelf-stable dollar-corrected.

ETH felt like this. Once.

I'm seriously all emotions. So, I know to do nothing when emotions are driving and I figured this is the one opportunity I have to make that "list" of pros and cons -- you know, the ones people make in movies when they're trying to decide whether to break it off with a PERSON, but which never works in real life because people are complex and not-listable.

Wanna help?

Tell me all the good things and bad things you think about ETH (trash talking is OK. If we stay together, I won't hold it against you).

I'll start it.


  • It's still a cool project with a zillion dApps
  • It's kinda universal for spending, trading, and so on
  • ETH2 looks awesome
  • ?


  • Gas fees
  • Gas fees
  • Gas fees
  • ?

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