Kucoin Launches 'SPOTLIGHT' Feature with MultiVAC (MTV)
Kucoin Launches 'SPOTLIGHT' Feature with MultiVAC (MTV)

By CryptoKeeper | Cryptokeeper | 4 May 2019

Kucoin is taking select new coins, and essentially hosting their Token Sale. The first coin they selected for this new Spotlight feature is MultiVAC (MTV). The main feature of MultiVAC is it's use of sharding. MTV claims to be the world's first 'fully sharded' blockchain. Utilizing sharded transmission and storage, and flexible sharding for Dapp developers. They claim a high TPS by maximizing throughput on every shard while maintaining decrentralzation and security. 


The idea behind this new technology is complex, but features a lot of familiar ideas, just implemented differently. PoS is handled with something called VRF Dynamic Re-Sharding. Distributed storage and a cross-shard transmission mechanism makeup their Storage Nodes. Byzantine Consensus to handle forks and fault tolerance. 

MTV also features a flexible computing model, creating a flexible contract execution environment with MVM virtual machine, PoIE consensus, and BISC instruction set.


Their team consists of some pretty heavy hitters. Frank Lyu (Meituan, Xinrenxinshi), Claire Wang (Xinrenxinshi, Julive), Binqiang Lai (VP of IT Meituan), Liang Chen (VP & CoFounder Meituan, Renren, Taofanfwang), Jun Yang (CoFounder Meituan).

Also on board is Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital, and Roger Lim, founding partner of NEO Global Capital.

A large team of professors, Algorithm researchers, R&D Engineers, and pretty solid Community/Growth Team. Looking through the list, the credentials of these Professors and Algorithm researchers are ridiculous. These are seasoned pros, or heavily qualified by their degrees. 

The team is set up to cover every aspect of making a killer product, and making it a recognized brand. (There is also another company called Multivac that does product packaging for multiple industries, I don't know if this will pose a problem for them later on down the road.)

The token was released for sale about three weeks ago, and as of today (May 4th, 2019) they are sitting at #450 on Coinmarketcap, with a marketcap of 5.1 million. Total Amount of tokens 10,000,000,000:, with 600,000,000 as part of the initial token sale.

All in all, this looks like a solid, and unique offering with a very strong team, and a large amount of venture capital backing it up. Kucoin's Spotlight could turn out to be a good place to start for people looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. They seem to have very high standards, and a rigorous vetting process for the coins they offer through this token sale program. Their current spotlight coin is TRIAS.

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