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Ok, So here we are a brand new blog, and time to write something. 

So to start off, a little about me ...

Having been a member of Publish0x for a number of years I'm finally getting round to actually posting something here, and it seemed to me that a brief introduction was the ideal place to start. I will start by saying that I also posted this at another blog site called a few days ago (which is linked to the hive blockchain and earning me some crypto there as well), and this will feature in future posts as i become more au fait with that system, but for now the rest of my introduction

I've been working Traffic Exchange and Mailers, and other sites, for about 8 years now, had some successes, some failures as everyone does, but that, as they say is life. If you use these type of marketing sites then you've probably seen my ugly mug around a fair bit, and seen me promoting a wide variety of things, SFI, TE's, Mailers, even crypto sites, as during that time I've joined a lot of things - cant get too much traffic after all.

Outside of surfing/affiliate marketing, I have a passion for real ale (sometimes called "craft beer" outside the UK) and work (volunteer) at several CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) run beer festivals in and around London, where i live, throughout the year, before COVID hit the world for six. The good news, however, these are starting to come back to life again after a 2 year hiatus - happy days. Volunteering for these events has two benefits, networking with fellow aleheads, and very often a good amount of free beer - always a plus in my book lol.

Also into sports, particularly those those based in the USA, which thanks to the internet, are so much easier to keep up to date with thankfully, and follow these teams - NFL, New Orleans Saints (aka the who dat nation), NBA Charlotte Hornets, NHL San Jose Sharks, MLB San Francisco Giants.

Also an avid reader, particularly thrillers and horror, with favourite authors including Lee Child, Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Jeffery Deaver to name a few. Music tastes vary depending on mood but i enjoy most from the 60's right through to the present day. TV/film similarly cover a wide range of genres probably dominated by thrillers, horror, historical dramas.

So there we have me in a nutshell, and that's enough waffle for now lol.

Catch you all later, somewhere around the TE world, and if you spot me come say hi!


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