TronWarBot - is a provably fair betting game based on world war simulation

TronWarBot - is a provably fair betting game based on world war simulation

By Okane Satoshi | CryptoJournal | 10 Sep 2019


is a provably fair betting game based on world war simulation in which every 10 minutes a state (randomly chosen) conquers another one. You can bet on the next conqueror (BET NEXT) or on the winner of the whole war (BET FINAL). Fairness and transparency are the main pillars of the project.

How To Play

The game is inspired from the popular WorldWarBot 2020 Facebook Game

The bot simulates a world war: every turn, one every 10 minutes, a state (randomly chosen) conquers another country. The conquest probability is proportional to the number of conquered countries and the cohesion index of that country. A World War run lasts on average 80 days.

There are two types of bets

1. BET NEXT: you can bet on the next conqueror, you play against the dealer and the winning probability is clearly declared
2. BET FINAL: you can try to forecast the winner of the whole war, it is a jackpot game where the jackpot is made by 80% of the bets.

What do I need to play?
In order to play, you must own TRX, the underlying cryptocurrency of TRON’s network. Make sure you have a TronLink Wallet. For more information on how to create one, click here
To play on mobile devices, please use TronWallet.

How to get TRX
Are you running out of your skin to start gaming?
Jump into the crypto world now!

Once you start playing, your TRX are safe because you don’t move them on our website. They remain in your secure wallet and moved out whenever you place a bet. So no need to trust us or anyone, you control your crypto assets. That’s one of the nice things about using the blockchain.




We want to build this game together with our users, and that’s why 100% of TronWarBot profits are shared back to token holders! (but yes we detain around 50% of the current token supply). After every stage you will need 50 more TRX to mine one WAR. Dividend payout will happen at the end of the run.

This game is based on TRON Blockchain

Enjoy Playing!

Okane Satoshi
Okane Satoshi

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