Play WARZONE and Win $ADA!

By JohnnyCode | CryptoJohnny | 20 Aug 2021

As Ethereum, Bitcoin and other big cryptos out there continue to correct, Cardano jumped back almost immediately to new heights and with it, a new way to earn while gaming. With this exciting new world of crypto, we have gotten one step closer to earning a living the way that you want. Gaming Cardano allows you to sign up for gaming tournaments and win ADA and CNFTs. This new and innovative take on independent eSports tournaments could open up a whole new space for gamers.


Gaming Cardano just launched and although in its infancy, it has massive potential. Groups and individuals setting up tournaments are nothing new to gamers but incentives outside brand sponsorships are hard to come by. Utilizing crypto streamlines the process and lessens complications that arise with traditional prize pools and fairness. Signing up for a tournament is free and multiple tournament dates have already been established. Currently, the tournaments center around Warzone but are voted on by the community ahead of time. This gives the community a further sense of ownership and impact on the platform itself.


If you’re worried about setting up a wallet for Cardano, go to either Yoroi for a lightweight wallet or Daedalus for a full node wallet; for a hardware wallet check out a Ledger. These wallets not only allow you to keep your Cardano safe, but you can also stake your Cardano on them and earn interest. This way you will earn interest on all the tournament prizes you win! The first tournament is going to be on September 11 and will include solo and duo playstyles of Warzone. For more information on Gaming Cardano and other upcoming events go and check out their Twitch and Twitter.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know in the comments how you would like to see crypto incorporated into the gaming industry.

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