Preview: a potential mapping concept with POV to complement the Presearch ecosystem

By Mammal | Cryptoism | 16 Apr 2022

For Presearch to compete with Google, it must not only innovate but emulate its principle competitor and improve upon the Google model in every sense.

Decentralised Search Engine

Presearch is steadily working toward a fully decentralised search engine that rewards user engagement with its native PRE token and offers a private search experience rather than analysing and cashing in on the browsing habits (and even the conversations) of users with targeted advertising.

Keyword Staking

Presearch has developed an innovative and very accessible advertising opportunity of its own through keyword staking. A minimum of 100 PRE are staked on a keyword or phrase and it will appear in a relevant user search along with the advert to drive traffic to a website directly linked to the keyword. If someone has already staked a keyword with 100 PRE it is possible to outbid the initial staker with 200 PRE and so on. The person with the highest stake secures their keyword and advert at the top spot above the search results.  

Street View

These are two ways that Presearch emulates the Google search engine and improves in some degree upon it. That’s well and good, but what about Google Maps and particularly Street View. Could Presearch offer a decentralised mapping platform to rival Google’s?

Could Presearch even go one better and map those hard to reach scenic areas, off-piste so to speak, by creating an app that rewards cam (or even drone) footage that has geotagging in return for PRE tokens.



Over time the mapped region would hopefully expand and offer people a chance to virtually experience some of the renowned scenic walks/trails. People could gain insight into various hiking/pilgrim/cycling/off-road trails or routes, for example, before setting out. Or simply appreciate the scenery. the difference in this case of course is that it would cover ground inaccessible to Google Street View.



The database for such a scheme would be provided for by decentralised nodes, which would be rewarded accordingly. Perhaps local attractions and hotels could be tagged and a number of PRE tokens staked for a pop-up ad. Commercial and residential rentals and sales could follow suit.


If this presents a technical challenge, it’s interesting to note that a decentralised blockchain POV mapping app akin to Google Street View called hivemapper is already in development: people who submit dashcam footage of a certain city via the app, London or New York for example, using a specified dashcam and who satisfy the correct criteria can receive HONEY tokens as rewards.



Could be a great opportunity if you are a taxi or Uber driver in any of the cities currently being mapped.

Food for Thought

Presearch could always consider hooking up with hivemapper in a mutually beneficial arrangement to provide a decentralised urban Street View experience in combination with keyword staking.  

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