Why I'll Never Tell You My Exact Crypto Plays
i won't tell you my exact yield farms and crypto coins

Why I'll Never Tell You My Exact Crypto Plays

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 22 Aug 2021

I do my damn level best to bring you strategies for crypto, and over and over again I get questions like "what about this coin? what about that coin?" I would really love to see the folks who ask these questions in person. Are they really super poor folks who need a 100x so their families won't die? Or are they just a bunch of little teenage snotty ninja terdtles gambling with their fuckin McDonald's money? Who knows.

I do know this. I'm not about to tell you my exact plays in crypto, for a number of reasons. And yeah, I've fucked up in the past and written articles about specific protocols. I've even had people say they've made money from following me. I still consider it a mistake and I'm consciously not doing it anymore. Why?

1. I am often wrong with my own plays.

How many times is Carl the Moon or That Martini Guy gonna say this [hint: never] — I'm not a genius trader! I miss pumps and get rekt all the time. Why is my PnL good? Because of my sizing, ability to switch bias, my knowledge of defi, and the folks in my Telegram group who share alpha and watch each other's backs. If I told you all of the moves I made every day to eek out some profit from the jaws of death, I'd be writing all day and not fuckin doin crypto. Plus, by the time I write the whole play down, the play's over. Done. You can't do it any more.


If I analyze the strategy that made me money, think about how it can apply to any situation, and then write that, then you get alpha. For instance, my yield drag article works on every small swap out there right now. I used Dinoswap as an example in that article. But if you tried to do what I did on Dinoswap today, it wouldn't work. Why? Because you should be seeking out the next fuckin swap to pull it on. You have to be early, and now that you have the strategy, you know exactly what to do when the situation comes up again.

2. I've built my own timing strategy that you can't duplicate.

I have my own schedule of pulling out of losers and taking profit that helps to ensure I do well. I've pulled profit out of hacks and scams like Iron Finance because of it. I'll be happy to tell you how I did it, so when the situation comes up again you can do it too. Don't try to go to Iron Finance now and do it, obviously. You have to find your own opportunity. And I've written an article on how to find opportunities. I can't be arsed to find it now, but it's there.

3. I spend more time on the market than you.

A lot of my plays is catching shit as it happens. I catch dumps because I'm looking at the market all the time. If you don't have the time to do that, then my plays won't work for you. You need to modify your strategy around your schedule. My favorite trader said it best: "You can trade even if you have a full time job if you trade on the 4-hour chart. The chart only makes two candles during your entire workday."

So where I'm scalping, you might need to swing. And you may not be able to get in those shitcoin yield farms with the 500% APR, because those require pinpoint timing. So choose other farms or stay out of farming and just hold blue chip coins.

4. We're in a bull market.

Everyone's a genius in a bull market. What many of these "traders" call alpha is really beta, and not even good beta. They're making gains vs. fiat but losing vs. BTC. If you're losing vs. BTC, then you just need to hold BTC and get your mental state together. Stop following every damn pump.

If I talk protocols, then everyone loses when the market turns. If I talk strategy, then we can switch our game up and still make money in the bear market. Note this. All of these fucking idiots I swear are going to destroy your paper gains by telling you to hold when the bull market is over.

Honestly, if you just stay out of scams, you'll make money now. Don't ask me what the fuck is going up. Everything is going up, dipshit! Learn how to trade

And I'll tell ya what. If after all this I've typed, you still want to go dumpster diving and do shitcoin 100x ponzi scheme gamblin mouth-breather crypto, follow Stunna Breezy on Youtube and Telegram. He's the king of that shit, and you might actually make money in ponzis following him. And there's some sick alpha for your monkey ass.

5. Teach a man to fish...

Not only will you be mad at me if I give you my plays and you go belly up on them, but you add nothing to crypto. You're supposed to be in projects that yooooouuuuuuuuu find interesting. That's how the community grows. We are literally building a new world out of our belief systems. If everybody is just hopping in and out of shit to get money, then we end up in the same world we have already. And I'm not going to let that happen.

When you put in research, you expand the intellectual capacity of the crypto space. In most cases, you will be rewarded for this work financially. But the expansion of education is what we need. You know the reason our world financial system is so fuckt now? Because only a few people know how it works. Social media and crypto is getting the word out, but before this, nobody knew about Bretton Woods or the Cantillon effect or any of that shit. You want a decentralized financial system? You need decentralized intellect. That's why I'm killing myself learning to code right now.

And let's talk about that. If you're a noob in crypto, consider that I'm a noob in coding right now. And guess what I'm not doing? Running around asking coding vets "what's the best language?" or "can you help me solve this?" When you ask me about specific coins, you're basically asking me to build your Github for you so you can go work for the Ethereum Foundation or Solana without knowing a damn thing. Stop it.

If someone's offering you free alpha (like me), it should inspire you to seek out your own alpha. I'm fuckin elated to talk to folks who say to me "Hey, Alucard, I know you're into true decentralization, and I found this new project called Fuck Centralization Coin. Chart looks good but I'm a little iffy on the UI. Looks like a scammy fork. I put $1000 on it, but lemme know what you think." That's alpha for me, because it lets me know about a project I missed and gives me a chance to make some cash. I mean, shit, if you just want to cry about coins to a rich guy, go spam Cryptoface's stream. He's got way more shit than me. I'm looking for a team.

So that's my rant on that. Don't get mad if I completely ignore your question about some shitcoin right after I spend time typing my heart out about strategies I've thought through for hours. Fully tested strategies that I tested with my own damn money. I was a complete noob 1 year ago, getting scammed by shit projects and laughed at by the project mods. I didn't start making money until I got it in my head that there are no shortcuts. Do your research; pick your winners. Go in hard, but never so hard you destroy the stash and put yourself out of the game. When you lose, analyze why you lost. Note the scammers and blacklist them. Stick with your winners. Never stop learning. Lyn Alden is a finance beast. Listen to everything Lyn does. Boom.

For instance, I could never figure out why I kept losing money on coins with an elastic supply until I learned more about the Federal Reserve from Lyn. Oh, thaaaaaaaat's why... those coins are trying to duplicate the failing policy of the Fed! That's why they don't fuckin work! Stay away from elastic supply shitcoins — check!

The name of the game is come with alpha. Noobs should stick to this more than anyone. Come with alpha and let me know about your unique strategies. Then we have a community. Then we have decentralization. Then we have a better world. I'll tell you right now — if you want me to get interested, tell me how to make money on NFTs. My NFT plays have been complete hot garbage. I've resigned myself to buying artists I actually like with no profit motive, but if you know how to pull that shit off, hit me up. I have tons of defi and play-to-earn knowledge to share with you. Alpha, baby!!


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