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missed axie infinity? maybe revomon is your game

The Next 10X NFT Play to Earn Blockchain Game

By Alucard0x | cryptoinvesting | 26 Jul 2021

I'm just presenting stats here; I don't have a crystal ball.

If you look at the recent surge in games, you'll see that everything is congregating around the same level. This of course doesn't include Axie. But all of the "Axie competitors" have these things in common right now:

1. They are all around the low 3-digit mcap
2. They have around 10% of their token supply in circulation
3. They are all in an unfinished state
4. They've been publicly announced for at least 3 months
5. They're all PvP/RPG type games, not casino-type games
6. They all have decent communities, not 'wen moon' types
7. They have strong dev teams; no mom's basement projects here

Sorry; I should say which games I'm talking about. Illuvium, My Defi Pet, My Neighbor Alice. Actually, the SLP token from Axie fits this description aside from the unlimited token supply. Alien Worlds doesn't count. I honestly don't know how that "game" has such a high mcap when it's basically just a staking platform that's no better than Anrkey X or Chain Guardians (with less promise, I might add. And how is Splinterlands not in this group?! That game has way more hype than Alien Worlds. This market is definitely still backwards, to be sure.).

In general, games that people believe in seem to be congregating around page 3-page 4 Coingecko. There's one game that fits in this profile that hasn't hit 3-digit mcap yet: Revomon (REVO).

The Revomon token has surged along with the other games, just not as much (3X REVO vs. 10X other stuff). Another thing going for REVO — a generous portion of the token supply is locked up in 3-month or 6-month pools (you can check this on

So why hasn't Revomon hit $100MM yet? Hmmm. Maybe because it's a VR game that requires Oculus. Perhaps because the idea is an obvious knockoff. But honestly, all of these game ideas are knockoffs. Axie's a knockoff.

The Revomon team definitely seems to know tokenomics, and they have been on schedule with their roadmap so far. That separates Revomon from other early stage competitors like Embersword, which completely flubbed its first land sale although it looks good on initial appearance. Revomon also knows how to run a beta test environment efficiently (they're doing it now), which bodes well for a stable play to earn economy.

Why not Binamon or Polkamon (rebranded Polychain Monsters)? Binamon site looks crap and it's not truly play to earn because you have to bet in order to fight. Polkamon started off like a ball of flame and now rests in a comfortable pile of suckage. Plus there's no game; it's just collectibles now.

Again, no crystal ball. But the stars seem aligned to me, so I'm presenting it. There's no reason that Revomon shouldn't be sitting at a $100MM mcap along with the rest of these unfinished games, which would give investors an approximate 10X from the time of this writing.


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