The Most Important Crypto Video You'll Ever Watch

The Most Important Crypto Video You'll Ever Watch

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 2 May 2021

Bill Maher's Crypto Mania! crypto video is the greatest crypto video ever made. If you're pro-crypto, you have to have to have to watch it. There's nothing more important than watching what public anti-shills are anti-shilling to the public. If spineless Zionists like Maher are pro-crypto, that's a definite local top signal.

By the way, you know that Maher's hodling. You know this. Shameless how these fucking shits will completely destroy their audiences for their singular benefit. Bill Maher is comedy's Jaime Dimon. If you're here, you're so gold.


The reason I picked this video out of all the anti-crypto shit that's around is that it's good. It's actually a GOOD anti-shill. I got scared for a minute. And that's precisely what I want to happen. The saying goes:

First they ignore you (1), then they laugh at you (2), then they fight you (3), then you win (4). Maher's cute little Crypto Mania video will keep normies in stage 3 for another few months, which gives me a few more months to accumulate and get ahead of them.

Maher's not a good person. He's not a good stand-up comic. But he is a good host. Even though I grew out of Maher about 15 years ago, I will go back and watch his New Rules because they are so effective. Whoever writes that shit is funny and Maher is a great performer in that HBO chair. He just is.

Dude, the best part starts at 5:01 where Maher lays out his coup de grace — the crucial point that sums up the attitude he's espousing about why crypto sucks. Here's the quote:

Do I need to spell this out? There is something inherently not credible about creating hundreds of billions in virtual wealth with nothing ever actually being accomplished and no actual product made or service rendered.

I'm sorry. I know he was supposed to be talking about crypto, but that sounds exactly like what the Fed is doing. Motherfuckin few.

Then he goes into the climate argument. It's funny how far ahead real crypto experts are. I was completely ready for this. My guys and gals already told me that the climate change argument is just as cyclical as Dogecoin pumps.

I love how effective Maher is. He'll keep the stupid money out of crypto until it's too late. When they get in, that will be the parabolic pump everybody's waiting on that will make all of the true blues rich not next cycle, but this cycle.

Thanks, Billy.


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