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tezos (xtz) is a great defi platform

Tezos Defi is Next Up

By Alucard0x | cryptoinvesting | 11 Jul 2021

Note: All price predictions and happy times mentioned in this article are contingent upon bitcoin not shitting the bed. If BTC shits, none of what I say here applies.

I don't know about you, but I think Polygon and Binance Smart Chain are just about done. I don't expect some implosion, but the novelty has worn off of both of these chains. They are both stepping stone solutions to crypto's final form, like Frieza Silver or something.

Solana seems to have all the juice for a mainstream pop, but there's a hidden gem that I don't think you want to miss out on. That gem is Tezos. And don't even think about saying I overlooked Cosmos. That entire chain, especially Osmosis and Gravity DEX, are complete shit. Put your money there at your own risk. Their communities are toxic, full of #numbergoup fageets, and that IBC bullshit doesn't work half the time.

Every coin from 2017 has had its pop except Tezos. Look on the 1Y chart and you see basically sideways movement. It's important to note why Tezos lagged everything in the early part of 2021 before we get into why that behavior will change:

1. Tezos doesn't do all that fake marketing. The Tezos Foundation is one of the biggest holders of bitcoin on the planet. Don't hold me to the exact number, but they have like 70,000+ or something — right up there with the super early adopters like Max Keiser and humpback whales like Microstrategy. Why does this matter? The folks who got into bitcoin early tend to share a more idealistic vision of Satoshi's world, a vision that doesn't include fake bot marketing accounts, wash trades, and all that other garbage that BSC and probably Matic and Solana use to increase popularity.

So although Tezos is a proof of stake chain, it seems to be a group of folks with more integrity than the average person in crypto. So when you go to their Telegram groups, you won't see memes or nonsense. You'll see real community. Scam coins get called out quickly. Everyone knows everyone else. It's easy, cool, and informative. But the numbers are low compared to the king altchains. To me, that screams opportunity.

2. Tezos hadn't built a defi infrastructure. Broke ass crypto heads like me need defi to help us towards the goal of financial freedom. We didn't catch the early wave of bitcoin or ether, but we can trade our way into more BTC and ETH. I want to be in it for the tech (seriously, I do), but that costs money. And before now, Tezos didn't really have the money printer to attract more attention.

But now...

Marketing is coming. Tezos recently partnered with a legit marketing company to outsource their marketing. Hopefully they don't move into the shadowy crap that Cosmos and BSC do. I don't think they have to. They have the bitcoin as backing, which gives them the ability to play the long game. And most importantly...

Defi is here. Marketing isn't as important as devs. If you get the right devs, you can build a promotional foundation without paying anyone a dime. Good devs bring their audiences. Recently, some major devs have been inquiring about Tezos of their own accord, probably piqued by the infrastructure that is going up right now.

There's a few crap projects on Tezos (nothing like BSC), but the chain finally has a legitimate suite of defi dapps from legit devs that work well together. I'll run down the list of the ones I trust:

Hera — The defi gem on Tezos right now. I think it was created by the same devs who did Olympus, but I don't know for sure (I asked in all the chats and everyone was too much of a faggity POS to answer me). If anyone can verify this, that would be great. This dapp brought with it an immediate 10% rise in TVL on Tezos as a whole, which usually only comes when you have trusted devs. — Your Tezos defi front page. You can see all of your farms here and even manage them all from the same UI
QuipuSwap  — The swap and liquidity pool hub that everyone seems to agree is the central swap space
Plentydefi — Staking platform with a BSC bridge that lets you single stake top assets for 3 digit APYs (4% tax on unstake)

The Metamask of Tezos is Temple Wallet. Works seamlessly — no fuckups like on fucking Cosmos, that shit chain.

It's early, so you have an opportunity for multiple Xs if you get in now. More importantly, you can expand with the chain and become a core supporter as new dapps come out without investing a huge amount of money. You just re-invest the divs you get from these early liquidity pools into the new dapps as they come. I think the stars are aligned for Tezos, and I put my money where my mouth is. No guarantees of course, but I think it's time for this OG to get some new shine. 


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