Richard Heart's Pulse Chain Ethereum Fork Will Make Some Folks Rich

Richard Heart's Pulse Chain Ethereum Fork Will Make Some Folks Rich

To start, let's be clear: I don't give a fuck about your personal opinion of Richard Heart. If you comment some crap about him being an asshole or being a god or anything having to do with the Cult of Richard Heart, I'll just delete the comment. I'm writing about this solely to inform and get this $$$.

So HEX founder Heart is preparing to roll out an Ethereum fork called Pulse Chain for the HEX token. He has expressed frustration with Ethereum's gas prices and claims Pulse will fix this problem.

For those who don't know, forks with some marketing gas behind them, even bad forks, make people money. Ethereum Classic is still valuable and rising with the bull market. The numerous bitcoin forks, most of which don't even get any press outside of their communities, still rise with the market. It's possible to make money off of Bitcoin Gold, although development probably won't reach anything substantial.

With this in mind, it's probably a good idea to see how you can participate in Pulse Chain regardless of whether or not you "believe" in HEX. That's what I'll be doing. It will also be interesting to see if Heart's development team can make good on the promises of creating a faster, cheaper Ethereum. Just as importantly, if he does this, will that chain be "accepted" by "mainstream crypto" as a viable alternative? I mean, we already have other chains that claim to do Ethereum better than Ethereum, some even with good projects built on top of them. Zilliqa has Unstoppable Domains, but nobody really talks about Zilliqa outside of Zilliqa. Verge. Now Avalanche. Soooo many others I've seen and just passed on because I know it's about adoption right now, not tech.

I'd love to hear the opinion of anyone with technical expertise on what Pulse Chain will and won't do for the space. That's the direction I'm heading anyway — I want to be a dev and a project BUILDER, not a shit talking trader just leeching off of the industry's innovation. Let's be friends, tech people. I want to be one of you. What's going on with Pulse Chain?


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