Picks and shovels in web3 will eventually have their day

Projects with ACTUAL Products: Wen ACTUAL Pamp?

By benn0xake | cryptoinvesting | 29 Feb 2024

It's easy to start thinking crazy when bitcoin is a shade off of all-time highs, and all coins seem ready to give investors those gains that crypto is so famous for.

I want to help you take a breather. 😊 Just a little one. in this article, will focus on projects that are still going to pump, just maybe not right now. Understanding these projects is still relevant at this point, because this analysis I think will help to clarify some of the money flows in crypto for people who tend to miss liquidity shifts (I was definitely one of these people at one time).

We will go over projects with products in Web3 that I actually use, rather than the projects that are winning based on a narrative or promises in a white paper. Then we'll go into how to profit off of these projects and even use them in a way that could improve your quality of life outside of just making money.

Projects with Products

First of all, and I'll be the 1st to admit this, it is not time to go invest in projects with products. All of the suggestions I will make below are for the end of the bull market, which I expect to see anywhere from 12 to 18 months from now. 

But it does really excite me to come across a web3 project with a product that I can actually incorporate into my lifestyle. These are the projects that people will end up moving into at the end of the bull market. Once they are done making money. Smart money will then begin investing in products, not projects. That's what web3 is supposed to be about, isn't it?? We're supposed to be creating products that actually improve peoples lives. Oops; forgot about that part.

And when I say "products," I specifically mean products that have nothing to do with simply moving money around so that you can make more money. This is the majority of defi, NFTs, and even gaming in web3.

So let's get into some actual products that I am actually using right now from web3.


This project is all about creating a privacy focused web three enabled browser, and they seem to be on the right track. I actually use this browser, which comes equipped with an automatic Metamask set up, easy links to many partner web three projects, and built-in privacy features. You also have the ability to earn the $MASQ token for sharing your bandwidth if you choose.

The set up process for the browser is easy, and I've never had a better experience with a project looking to integrate so many web3 features at once. I can get to ENS, Galaxy Fight Club or Debank just as conveniently as Apple directs you to Apple Store.

The $MASQ token does not at all reflect the performance of the product. While garbage projects sail to all time highs, $MASQ is barely breaking out of the accumulation range it's been stuck in since the middle of 2021. However, I see this project as one that people will flock to once they get done with all of their financial goonism, as it is an easy way to interact with the entirety of Web3 in a decentralized, protected way.


If you are looking for a VPN without all of the hassle about signups or payment, then Mysterium, specifically, the Dark product, could be what you're looking for. Basically, it makes no sense to pay for a VPN with your credit card and believe you are receiving a privacy service when your name is connected to the payment method. Nor is it effective to do business with a centralised VPN that complies with any log requirements of a government. Mysterium takes care of both of these problems by allowing you to pay in crypto and doing DePIN on the data to avoid log keeping regulation.

I have tried every dVPN on the market, most notably Sentinel and its various products. Mysterium by far is the most comprehensive and easy to use product in this niche. The others are either too complicated or simply don't work because of errors that haven't been addressed yet. Mysterium also offers an easy way to earn money by sharing your unused Internet bandwidth as a node.

The $MYST token hasn't hit any influencooors buy list as it has lingered in an accumulation range for the past 24 months. the chart is showing signs of a slow reversal, but privacy is definitely not one of the larger priorities on most investors' lists right now. It will be after the financial goonism is over, because people will look to protect their newfound gains. This is when I expect Mysterium to take off.


If you are still using Google, you are light years behind not only web3, but just tech life in general. It's common knowledge that Google is stealing your data and logging all of your searches. Even if you aren't into the whole web three narrative of actually earning money from your data, you should still want to protect yourself from prying eyes. Presearch is the steadily improving alternative to Google that also pays you to search.

Like all of the other projects on this list, the Presearch search feature is ready to use. Results aren't quite as good as Google, but they could be compared to what you might find in a Bing search. Plus you can get the $PRE token for every search you conduct, which should be the incentive you need to go study some of this crap yourself instead of leaning on search engines to give you the answer all the time. 😊

The $PRE token isn't doing much for the Lambo crowd right now, and the token price certainly wasn't helped by a recent team unlock that no one had time to prepare for. But as more people become more attuned to web3, they will naturally look for a search engine product that is already integrated into this new ecosystem. No one in the early 90s thought that Google would ever overtake Yahoo or Altavista, and look who's the king now.


It's good to have a file sharing system that doesn't require the blood of my first born just to sign up. I have actually used Storj to great effect in the recent past, and I expect that I will continue using it in the future. As legacy alternatives like Dropbox become more difficult to access and use, decentralised storage options like Storj will rise to take their place. Because it is already integrated into Web3, it will be a much shorter step for Storj to plug-in with many of the exciting new options you have for monetizing your data.

The $STORJ token is beginning to wake up as the narrative around data monetization trickles into the mainstream, but I don't expect to see any huge blow off tops on this token until the end of the bull run. However, I do expect to see this is where people park a portion of the money they want to keep in crypto for the next bull cycle because of the utility the platform provides. This is an opportunity for a last minute pump before the final exit.

Wen Pamp

Projects with actual products will be the final resting place for smart money that wants to keep a bit of its capital in crypto for farming and utility. the VCs will have left, and retail will have been rekt, but those few technophiles that really contribute to the future of web3 who have made money will be in these projects supporting them and building reserves for themselves throughout the bear market. While everyone else is going crazy, following the latest influencer pump, you will have a plan about where your money exits and stops in crypto for your best interests and the interest of the movement as a whole.

The picks and shovels in web3 will eventually have their day. And they will stick around much longer than the financial gaming stuff. Be ready.

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