Pancakeswap Wants All the Coins

Pancakeswap Wants All the Coins

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 10 Apr 2021

If you're holding any altcoins on Ethereum Network, you might want to consider moving them to Pancakeswap for high APY yield farming opportunities. Pancakeswap wants all the coins, and it'll get them.

The CAKE and BNB tokens are rising because people are realizing that Binance is a better place for altcoins for the time being. Yes, we are on the verge of an explosive altcoin cycle. But if it's not happening for your token as you read this, you should be getting an APY on that token.

Pancakeswap is adding new farms on nearly a daily basis. Some of the more recent Ethereum based coin farms include BONDLY, RAMP, ODDZ, DEGO, and many others. Many others.

The Yearn ecosystem has made the journey from ETH to BSC easy — visit to move your tokens using a simple swap interface. APYs on CAKE for small cap altcoins can be anywhere from 100-300%. And if you're holding it anyway, you're not losing anything. You're only gaining the APY from the farm.

You should also be aware that the altcoins you see pumping "for no reason" may actually be pumping because Pancake added that asset as a pool. It's a virtual guarantee to get 20-50% when a pool is added.


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