Don't Forget About Privacy Coins
Get some XMR and other privacy coins

Don't Forget About Privacy Coins

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 2 Apr 2021

I know it's hard to keep up with all of the different things goin on in crypto, but there is one strategy you should never forget. No matter what else I'm doing, I'm always always always dollar cost averaging into privacy projects. 

I'm not saying this sector is next up, but we know it will have its turn eventually. There aren't many things we know in crypto, but we know this. If you're new, here's why we know.

First, we know the US — or some cabal of dipshit fucks who represent the US — are trying to regulate crypto as much as possible. We also know they'll get at least a percentage of what they want. Why? Because ignorant dodo #numbergoup "investors" who don't know (or care) what crypto's really about will let them. Government will keep pushing, and they'll find a way to sneak in some bullshit that will lock the door behind early investors. Those early investors will say "oh well, I got mine" and they won't put up a fight. They'll also gladly pay exorbitant taxes because they falsely believe the government has more surveillance power over crypto than is actually the case. They'll reason this out by saying "50% of something is better than 100% of jail." (News flash: They can't track you unless you're a complete fuckin noob or you fuck up and tell on yourself. There's also the notion of non-custodial wallets, so who's crypto is it really...blah blah blah)

Government also does not have the technology to track crypto investors who are sufficiently informed. The best regulators can do is force crypto businesses to try to collect as much information as possible on users. Government will then try to make examples out of a few idiots who get caught and scare everyone else into overcompliance. But they are behind the curve now, and the blockchain will be unstoppable once the dev community combines the NFT space with the privacy space. That's a whole nuther post, but the possibilities for sovereignty and individual liberty protection really reside there in that marriage.

Regardless, as those regulations come, and we know they're coming, privacy coins will have their day in the sun. The best proven tech is Monero. If you've already fucked up your anonymity, buy a new computer, grab a VPN and start mining XMR from scratch. Those holdings will have no connection to your current holdings, and you'll have at least a little privacy.

New tech that I like includes Secret Network and Swirl.Cash. They'll prove themselves over time, I'm sure. But there is one thing to look out for. Swirl is on BSC, which is centralized on Binance. I don't know how much reach the government has in getting your info from Binance sign ups, but if you have an account connected to Binance that you KYC'd on, then you take those funds through Swirl, prying eyes could make a connection and put you on a watch list. I'd start a new account with another exchange outside of the US — Huobi is my fav now. It doesn't connect to BSC directly, but that's actually good. Convenience is often the enemy of privacy.

I haven't even talked about the gains I expect in this sector. As regulators come down, privacy coins will become more of a necessity for people who just want to do legit business without getting overtaxed. If you think that a few regulations will scare people out of an effective technology,'ll be mostly right. But not all the way. Just ask the $30-40 TRILLION worth of eurodollars floating around somewhere in financial space if they give a fuck about US tax and regulatory procedure.

Tech like XMR, which the government will not crack, serves as a more effective eurodollar.

And don't even come at me with that terrorism/money laundering bullshit. I'll fuckin block you. A fifth grader could come up with the solution to block all use of a technology in order to stop its malicious use. You expect regulators to be a bit more refined. These are professionals, after all, and this is ALL THEY DO ALL DAY. It's THEIR job to come up with a solution to stop war criminals without hindering the rest of us. It's not my job to stop using convenient technology because those clowns can't do their job. Let's not even start with the money laundering that goes on in fiat, because that argument's so good it's a cliche. Go block use of the dollar if you wanna stop war criminals. Better yet, stop bombing people's countries and radicalizing them then demonizing them for having the gall to retaliate.

And even BETTER, STOP using MY tax revenue to make those bombs. I didn't sign off on that.

Bottom line, don't forget about privacy coins. They will definitely be at higher prices than they are now before it's all said and done.


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