Are You Wasting Time Gaming When You Could Be Yield Farming?
don't play games when you could yield farm for more crypto

Are You Wasting Time Gaming When You Could Be Yield Farming?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 1 Sep 2021

There's a narrative that crypto games provide an advantage for gamers over non-paying games. They absolutely do. Instead of getting a pristine AAA experience for no money, you could play an experimental blockchain game and possibly lose money! Oh, I'm sorry, I meant earn money. Did I say lose? I didn't mean that. I meant earn. The stupid shills all call this space the "play 2 earn" space, after all.

Look. The play to earn industry will take over gaming in the very near future. This is a guarantee. There's no shortage of losers who would gladly play games for a living. Some do right now. They sell skins and items from games on third-party platforms. Blockchain gaming isn't doing anything super-new. It's just making the market for exchanging digital goods and services for money more liquid and immediate. (And taxable. But that's not the point of this article (it is the point of this one)).

And I guess I'm not talking to the people who are just looking to distract themselves from real life. But for those of you who are really looking to maximize your time, even if you may be a legit gamer, you may want to consider the parallel between these new games and yield farms.

I'll give an easy example. There's some spaceshit Galaga-type game that advertises itself as paying out $200 per day. What they don't tell you is that you get capped at 5% of your holdings of their shit coin. Also, you have to be a master at the game to get 100% of what they promise. And there's a 20% tax for moving into and out of their shitcoin.

So let's see. You are capped out at 5% of the shitcoin you own per day. You have to pay 20% just to get the fuckin coin and 20% to get out of it. So that's 8 days of playing just to break even. And that's assuming the price of the token stays the same, which it won't. It will drop. Why? Because unless the game is updating on a near daily basis, the player base gets bored and moves on because of the law of diminishing returns. As players get their 5% per day, they naturally want to cash out to a stablecoin to try to ROI. Each of those transactions lowers the price of the coin. So you're really not getting 5% per day in stable dollar terms. You're getting 5% in constantly reduced shitcoin terms.

If you look closely, these are the same dynamics of a shitcoin yield farm. Yield starts off at some ridiculous level, like 15,000% APY. But it doesn't stay there. It goes down day by day, and the token price goes down as well. The only way you win is to get in early, like on the first day. If you get in any time after that, you have to hope the team has something else planned on its roadmap and it drops that thing without any glitches in it. Otherwise, you'll just watch your token value bleed out, and with it, the value of your farm.

But gaming is worse. With games, you have to spend time along with your money to get 100% of the diminishing rewards. Human error being human error, you're naturally going to get less than 100% of what you would get with an automated farm. So add that diminished return to the already diminished returns of the shitcoin game farm and you get even more diminished returns.

Bottom line: 95% of these play to earn games are shit. The Axie Infinity clones are shit. If you don't get in on the first day, you won't recoup. And the team won't be around long enough to make new updates to boost the coin price. Shit like Cryptoblades, Binemon, that shit is all garbage. Because even if those games do deliver, you could have done better just leaving your value in an automated yield farm!

An even better example. FearNFT Gaming, which I'm actually rooting for because I love horror games, is much more profitable if you just stick your money in the FEAR-QUICK Quickswap farm and wait for those dumbfucks to release Araya. Especially now that defi is bullish and Polygon is pumping. Why the fuck would you waste time playing the shit games they have now for their crappy rewards? Splinterlands! That's another one. They're giving away SPS airdrops if you hold DEC, and then you can stake the SPS for like 190% APY. If you actually play the fucking game, you get like 50% APY if you play perfectly. What the fuck? Just buy and hold DEC, get the SPS airdrops, stake those, and fucking chill out at the beach! Why would you spend that time staring at an auto-rendered game? Spend it finding another high yielding farm or something and double your money!

Look, when I was thinking of this article in my head, I saw a lot more math on the page. But the shit is so obvious I really don't even have to do the fuckin math. Why put in your time and money for inferior games when you could just yield farm better yields and spend your time playing AAA games with bigger groups? It's just goofy to me that 95% of these game designers don't take the economics into account. That's why your shit is failing, compadre. But there are plenty of dumdums who will play. And lose money. Oh well. I warned ya.

And to the game designers: Eventually people will catch up to what I'm saying here. It behooves you to learn the economics of play 2 earn or hire somebody to do it or something. Otherwise you're going to destroy your reputation in this space. Your returns should handily beat automated yield farms to reward people for putting their time into your games as well as money.


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