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By Nams | cryptohowto | 11 Jan 2021

Even though it might be too early to give a fair review of, it’s better now than later. is a barely two-week-old social media platform that is growing by the hour! This might be the best time to give an account of my week-old experience on the platform to help you decide whether it is something that might interest you. I’m doing this because, to a large extent, crypto projects tend to be highly rewarding to early adopters, so I would like to share my week-old experience to help you decide whether you would be interested in jumping on the train before it leaves the station.

17c21df819567d732c9460a44737efba7274bab2eb0c5f242236ca475cbc6172.png is growing fast

Long story short, I made about $10 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and got 68 subscribers for myself (Woo hoo!). Let me tell you how it all went down.

What’s the noise about is a social media platform that randomly distributes Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its users to tip fellow users whose content they like, more or less like Publish0x. The format of the noise,cash interface has a Twitter-ish feel to it.

The user can scroll through the myriad of posts and decide who to tip, how much to tip and what percentage to keep for themselves. As soon as the tip is done, both the sender’s and recipient’s BCH wallets are credited immediately.


choose how much you want to tip, and slide the scale to choose what proportion of the tip to keep for yourself


Getting started on

Visit the website, choose a username and enter a valid email address. A confirmation link will be sent to your email. Once confirmed, voila! You are in. At this point you are able to participate; writing, reading and liking posts. You might also be lucky enough to receive some “FreeTips”, as image below shows.


Important: Before you start tipping or posting, head over to the “wallet” section and input your BCH wallet address so that you are ready to start receiving tips on your posts, as well as share your FreeTips with other users.

My experience

As soon as I opened my account, I received a few cents to tip others (FreeTips were between $0.03 and $0.07 and they would be given to me occasionally). I scrolled through the timeline and I came across random posts about the most random things in the world! It was a free-for-all bonanza of tip-hungry posters who would say anything to attract a tip. Some would bluntly post “please tip me!”, while a good majority shared some nice tip-deserving posts. I soon discovered that you could subscribe to particular users, and choose to see only posts from people you have subscribed to. I also discovered that other users were equally generous with tips; I would start to receive tips as soon as I posted something. On average, I would spend about an hour, cumulatively, on the platform each day (a few minutes here, a few minutes there throughout the day). By the end of 7 days, I was $10 BCH richer in my Trust wallet. If I stay there for a year (52 weeks), will I make $520??

In conclusion, is a great place to be, especially if are a social media lover. The creators are constantly building to make it better. Just in the short period I have been here, they have added so many features that have made this platform better. It is certainly worth my time. If you head over to, you will definitely find me here @Nams.


FreeTips are distributed occasionally at intervals throughout the day

Let me know if you're already there (possibly leave a link to one of your posts) so that I can subscribe, and maybe leave a tip :)

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