How to send cryptocurrency on via yobitcodes to friend or other user

How to send cryptocurrency on via yobitcodes to friend or other user

By Squidy analysis | CryptoGuide | 21 Jan 2020

Sometimes we always feel annoyed when we want to send crypto on yobit, but it is hindered because of the maintenance of the wallet system. However, such a thing will not happen again if you read a number of ways to send your crypto on the and other yobit exchanges, one of them is by using the Yobit Code feature

sending with Yobit Code can be the fastest and most effective way to send crypto to fellow yobit users. If you want to send via yobit code then read this article until it runs out.

How to make Yobit codes

First, you must have a yobit account first, can not have it then you can register here. If so, then login first, and then click on your username in the upper right-hand corner then click yobit Code. "see the picture below"


Second, choose what coins you will use (send) and enter how many coins you will send. for example, if you want to send PAC Coin then select PAC and enter the nominal value, then click create new code.



After confirmation of the email has been done, the yobit code is successfully created. Don't worry Every code is different as long as it's unknown to others. To get coins from the yobit code, you just need to enter the yobit codes, then click yobitcodes activation, then enter the code and click activation.

351665157-09acc6a73a6d4fa2327e4b8bab9039ae43e355cb449892d763d048a7dadbe0e7.pngIf you have a problem like a maintenance wallet, but you want to send crypto to another exchange, then you only need to do the steps above. but after making it does not activate, send Yobitcode to admin warder ( along with the destination address, after that they will send it.

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Squidy analysis

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