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Fuck this Shitcoin (and Statism); I'm out!

This morning, I received an email informing me that on the 28th of February 2022, Publish0x will officially be dropping support for tipping in shitty ERC20s (Ampleforth and Harvest Finance) in preference for ... yet another shitcoin, called Statera ($STA). We have until the 27th to pull out whatever earnings we have in AMPL and FARM before then or they'll get turned into $STA. Since I have less than the minimum required withdrawal amounts, I can't do that (and it would probably cost me 3x as much in Ethereum, anyway). To add insult to injury, any tips I receive are likely going to be in $STA (which I'm not going to claim/withdraw; it might as well be Monopoly money or Zimbabwean dollars), rather than AMPL or FARM.

Statera ($STA) runs on the Fantom (FTM) network, which supports central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Well, I'm having no part in that duplicitous centralised nonsense by banksters, so will no longer be publishing content here. Read Cash, here I come (again). If I have to establish a fan base from zero there, so be it, but I would really be highly appreciative if my followers here jumped ship with me.

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Great White Snark
Great White Snark

I am currently unemployed, having quit my S/W & Web Dev job due to COVID-related health issues. I'm hoping to go full Crypto to earn a living, not go back to an 08:00-18:00 grind. Unsigned music producer; snarky; white; balding; smashes Patriarchy some.

Cryptographic Anarchy: (Mis)Adventures in Crypto
Cryptographic Anarchy: (Mis)Adventures in Crypto

The content of this blog is exclusively to do with online privacy/security, cryptography and cryptocurrency: Understanding it, investing in it, mining it (in groups/crowds), developing/programming it, the social problems it aims to solve and the various ways to make more of it (or not, as various losses and failures happen). Let's get away from oppressive banksters and fiat, to an anarcho-syndicalist commune. Banner image: Blogger's own. Contemplating making an HD NFT version if there's interest.

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