Realities on the way, anecdote of a Dollar

Realities on the way, anecdote of a Dollar

It is possible that the dollar is about to face a collapse, but not a catastrophe as many imagine, although it may begin to touch an unpleasant friction in combination with the internal problems that one has with checking accounts and the ability to save. As strange as it sounds, the dollar has already been presenting alterations that show concern about the delivery of a lot of space in the economic plane.

However, a currency such as the dollar has power and strength, but this weakening has created mistrust and that many begin to mitigate with a presence in various international reserves and to reinforce their emissions with durable and long-standing values, such as gold or silver. . Even so, due to this instability, new criteria are built, such as the case of cryptocurrencies that continue to give people something to talk about and that are presented as another way before an unpleasant scenario.

Certainly the dollar enters a stage that many consider the end of a privilege that only this currency had, with the low record of savings and its great convertibility that it has used to discuss part of the value in the preparation of dystopian futures.

We continue on the path of a clear concern that is manifested by the fact of continuing to face a situation that degrades the arguments of the capitalist system and breaks again all those rules imposed in favor of a structure that was believed to be solid. Likewise, we are waiting for changes that may generate more inequality and increase that line between the rich, the privileged and the rest of the population.




We are in a clear conflict and we see how the main powers strengthen their internal market so as not to be carried away by the degradation experienced by the world's reserve par excellence and one of the even more active units of account in the world. We can see how China is inclined towards evolution and development with its digital Yuam, which for more than good, is an alternative that will facilitate and revolutionize the way of conserving commercial exchange.

The purchases of minerals and materials do not stop, and the reserves of many countries change in numbers to reinforce against possible greater impacts. Many countries, "allies", demand huge guarantees before venturing into renegotiations where the dollar is in the middle. Expressions that show that a change is really seen, not very good for many.

Weakness is born from an excess, a dissonance that shows an economy very different from what we see in the markets and in the numbers of boards. I am not saying that the world is at its best, but the world is not the main power and it does not have a dollar as its main asset.

There is already a new territory, and the Federal Reserve took care of that and cutting off many escape routes, it only remains to wait for the development of new events, which I believe will not change with this change of direction. 2021 will begin, and we will see how the protagonists behave. For now, gold, silver, and Bitcoin are your security.

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I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

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