Race to Institutional Hash

Race to Institutional Hash

I recently watched a program that touched on a particular topic, governmental and institutional hash power. In this space I could notice the race that is being had, at this level, to concentrate energy for the production and generation of hash in the mining of bitcoin. Countries like Iran or Venezuela are open and participate in this new matter since both allow, at some level, bitcoin as a free exchange currency.

It refers to the low participation that western countries have in the hash of the cryptocurrency, part of that excess energy that they present should be used to be participants in a trend that takes on a robust role each day that passes, or rather, each role which is printed.

What for these two countries and others, began to be part of an alternative way and / or means to avoid the sanctions imposed by the United States, laid the foundations to get on the path of change of a new decentralized system that has It has allowed to generate, more than that, an economic detachment that is evidenced by the record of the high volumes used every week by its citizens and institutions in various exchange platforms.

And it is that in countries like Venezuela the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dash or Ethereum for the payment of services, is an increasingly developed fact, extending to retailers beyond its increasing incidence as a store of value.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in these continents, America and Africa, makes them creditors to take the lead in this economic and cultural change; Being a part of adoption increases a way to avoid sanctions that limit traditional financial operations. We are at a critical point in the economy, and the incidence of cryptocurrencies is in a favorable scenario as a response and as an outlet for the preservation of value; The participation in the generation of this Hash makes these countries have the advantage of avoiding a monopoly in this field and ensuring this form of financing, wrapping itself in the magic and revelation that only bitcoin can offer.

Despite the systems that currently govern these two nations, I think that many countries are missing a great opportunity not to participate in this source of change and the regret that this will generate will make them fall into a kind of FOMO that will cost very late expensive.


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