Let the people Trade

Let the people Trade

Why is it allowed for some but not for others, or rather, why for the rich, millionaires and billionaires it is allowed but not for retail investors. This is clearly the crucial point now being discussed, so much so that the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee will examine these types of actions taken by the Robinhood share purchase application.

For the member of the House of Representatives of the United States, Alexandria Ocacio Cortez the resolution of Robinhood is questionable, indicating that it is necessary “to know more about the decision to prevent retail investors from buying shares while hedge funds can trade freely. with the actions as they see fit ”.

This was already said in previous writings, that this type of management was going to materialize and this is only the beginning of what we know as the financial game of thrones that is brewing in the vicinity of Wall Street. This being a key point, the way the Robinhood situation is being handled is far from those beginnings where it invited the open participation of those disadvantaged sectors but with the desire to participate in the stock market.

Unfortunately this company is nothing more than the lost reflection of that power that is behind and controls everything, that deep state that only wants to maintain the status of a wealthy sector and that due to the movements of GME, AMC, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond or Nokia, is able to make clear evidence of its controlling sectorization.


The actions taken by Robinhood to block the purchase of these shares has been a very low-level decision, against or preaching, or preaching. This is simply a clear example of the exclusion of rights, of course it does not affect and does not shock because the main affected is the retailers.

There is still the idea and the concept that finance is only for the rich, the image is preserved and even the premise that people with ties are the only ones in power to act and execute the demands of the market. All this plot, this scenario is only part of a distraction, do not be surprised to see more forceful actions that weaken that line, that blind spot that has crept into the ranks of Wall Street and has hit strongly, where it hurts the most, in the earnings.

Certainly Robinhood has not behaved correctly, even though due to the immense negative rating that it has had, of course reversed by Google in the App Store, it is once again allowing the purchase of this type of shares, conditioned and limited, and the trace is already marked. New paths will emerge, and the fight will continue, Wall Street has nothing left but to wait for the next blow. The idea that the whole concept of Bitcoin encompasses all this injustice, its name, its creation emerged to counteract all this that we are now seeing and discovering.

For this article, the following writings were taken as a reference, the links of which are left below to consult any information on this topic. Its relevance and depth in the subject served as the basis for the elaboration of this set of information.



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