Lending, a Category of Active Inclusion

It is always good to remember the benefits that decentralized finance (DeFi) has contributed throughout this year. Since this period is an interesting period to remember in our history, the great contribution that this cryptographic branch has had in our ecosystem, which is increasingly aggressive and competitive, goes unnoticed.

One of these contributions that it is always necessary to remember, follow, study and experience that feeling of having an activity such as lending in this world, despite the fact that it is an activity whose origin is well known, the interaction with cryptocurrencies makes it a scenario DeFi with enough power to attract and mobilize capital along a path little traveled in this digital world.

With all the interactions, forms and modalities that we can appreciate in the lending, it does not disappoint us, managing to mark a greater presence, three of the first five positions of the DeFi Pulse, with a capitalization that is around $ 4.00 B. Even with the volatility of cryptocurrencies, since crypto support is sometimes difficult in these transactions, the level of trust is strengthened with these numbers and these initiatives.

Lending is a clear example that these practices can coexist and evolve without the need for that intervening entity, of that institution that only represents its own interests with other people's money and that charges for that without really looking after people. Lending is a practical way of seeing how cryptography can end this non-essential scheme of traditional finance, improving many things, speed and integration.

Let us not be forgotten that this category does not exclude those people who cannot obtain a loan through traditional ways and is relegated from an important credit world to grow, to advance, to contribute to that essential ecosystem of all initiative and entrepreneurship.

Cryptos come hand in hand with these dynamisms that are projected with a clear accompaniment of these monetary alternatives that provide that opportunity denied and relegated to others who simply remain at the top of power without wanting to share.

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Cryptographic Alchemy

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