Lambo, Tesla, Chevrolet or Cadillac

Lambo, Tesla, Chevrolet or Cadillac

What better way to measure crypto performance than through a tangible purchase in one of the most competitive fields currently in the market. And it is that the evolution of the performance of cryptocurrencies now seeks new spaces to be understood in a simple way and that they can see all the power that comes from these digital ecosystems.

Not until recently it was possible to see how the electric car giant Tesla announced the acquisition of its vehicles through Bitcoin (BTC). A great step and a very good opportunity for others to follow suit and shape the inclusion of new markets based on new units of account. Without a doubt, this only started a series of aspects that were believed unthinkable in the fiat world. Hence, now the expression of "1 BTC, a Lambo by 2021 and 1 BTC a Bugatti by 2023" is not at all out of this world.

The CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powel, focuses the enthusiasm of BTC and cryptos in a highly volatile market and very representative in terms of class division. The barrier that appears in the automotive market is one of the deepest, but with the access of many to cryptographic currencies, the evolution of purchasing power becomes more evident and inclusive. Not with this I indicate that we can already buy a Lambo or Bugatti, but it is an interesting way to see the projections to which the BTC or any crypto initiative is destined with good bases, techniques and fundamentals.

If we add to this the rumors surrounding General Motors (GM), we can affirm that the interest in a digital medium is focused on achieving an alternative financial base and different from the debtor approach system. It is important to note that there is no official statement on any kind of relationship with BTC, rather the opposite, but it can be emphasized that GM "has already begun to patent the uses of blockchain for driverless automation and security information ".

Let us remember that each of the entrances to the crypto world of some of the companies, the resistance they presented has been very strong and their entry was not the most anticipated. In fact, quite the opposite, in a controlled environment, its entry occurred in those peaks where the price lost more than $ 10,000 per unit. However, its capitalization was recovered in a short time.

As well as GM, there will be other companies that are already beginning to create and spread rumors about their possible foray into the world of cryptography and blockchain. And not only be limited to a simple commercial exchange but also integrate this type of article to an IoT ecosystem under the communication and connection standards that are developed around these new technologies.

This union is not only significant, it is a sample of the evolution of value that BTC can represent throughout its more than 10 years of life. This reference marks a very deep bond of what BTC represents in the market and what it will mean beyond these simple projections. Of course, in my opinion, these visions are an unrecognized set of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. For me, I like the Bugatti better.

For this writing, I supported myself in several articles that refer to the main topic such as the evolution and participation of the automotive industry in the development of the price of Bitcoin. I give some reference links at the end of this writing.













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