Decentralization versus the Establishment

Decentralization versus the Establishment

Go against the establishment, now the new premise that really worries Wall Street. Clearly we will see more actions from both sides, playing differently, with the rules favoring more the usual group and with a generation of revelation against it that will not stop until giving a few good lessons to one of the most manipulative representatives of the system that can. to have.

It is clear that this fight is far from over and it is an asymmetric battle, very well studied, where each step is a complex strategy that is born from a plan to dissuade the system, in the words of Jaime Rogozinski, creator of the WallStreetbets forum, the people "He has found a way to bypass the system from the inside".

We see that, a group of hedge fund billionaires betting and always doing what they know how to do, what the norm dictates, the establishment's script. But now, there is also at stake a coordinated, unique force without business representation that dictates what should be done, a decentralized spirit, forcing a short squeeze and achieving a disproportionate, crazy record of increases of more than 280%. It will be normal ???, I do not know, but it is certainly not illegal either, but it hurts and displeases, the repercussions will not wait, well through the SEC, the new administration, this level will look for a way to silence and cut this type of initiatives.



Now we find another problem, another scenario that illustrates a new attack against freedom, we see them clearly with the decisions of Robbinhood, or Disscord, clearly a situation that will be repeated, because this type of actions taken with companies with a level of short above 30% will not stop. However, what is expected now, it will not be possible to determine or give an opinion on which company or action to take ????, if it bothers the powerful, they simply discard, erase and forget the existence of something that is not deviating any procedure, but if touching interests.

The amount of loss that hedge funds have had is impressive, an unexpected move, and that has not been fully channeled, even some are still in shock.

Wall Street demands actions against this situation, they allege manipulation, a rather uncomfortable word on the lips of those who dictate something more than the regulations. Now, in the process of overvaluation, a share delivery point will arrive, of course, the most logical thing will be to deliver these $ 485 assets for sale. Of course, this will be another pretty wild and hopeless scenario for GameStop. Other companies like AMC or the Blackberry software company are in the same situation.

We will continue to see other companies in the house of hedge funds, we will continue to observe an already defined and announced struggle between centered capitalism and decentralized freedom.

The truth is that the nature of these actions begins to form the transitory character of a system that will simply seek to reach an agreement with the new generation of ideas and actions. Best scenario for Bitcoin, impossible.

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