Dangerous Cryptographic Associations

"Digital currencies bring with them both opportunities and threats related to privacy, illicit activity and financial stability, and that the FED must have a clear understanding of both aspects as it moves towards creating a CBDC." This is part of the statements of the Governor of the Federal Reserve of Boston Lael Brainard during her speech of the Central Banks in San Francisco.

This is part of an article which refers to the joint work carried out between the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the development of a new CBDC, a native "token" of an entity centralized like the Federal Reserve.

The funny thing is how they guide this article, a new form of Bitcoin (BTC); and we all know that we are going towards a digitization of the financial system, but this does not necessarily have to be with BTC as the head of this change. Many of us are in the cryptographic world for what the BTC can represent, however, at this point there are countless institutions, private and governmental, that want to achieve massive participation, masking all intentions and misconceptions under a tokenized cover. Nothing is further from reality; Although CBDCs are a digital form of exchange through a native asset of a financial ecosystem, they do not necessarily have to rely on blockchain technology and less on a centralized initiative.

There are already several that grow along with knowing and having a change to cryptography through a centralized asset, with a totally different scheme and concept from what we have known since 2010 with Satochi Nakamoto.

It is not unreasonable to think that they want to accelerate the smear campaign towards BTC and other altcoins by manipulating new investigations that refer to a new form of this currency, altered under a centralized format; The more progress is made in the financial debacle and the more BTC is seen as a store of value, and it is logical to think that the greater the competition from new forms of exchange that emulate this Satochi system.

The future of finance really is how these types of currencies reflect, which only seek to create the same scheme but in a different field. The reality is that the economy will be submerged towards a change, a process that many of us associate with the financial reset, and that will mark a now and an after in many things that we know.

The important thing now is that we know that we are not only on the right side of history, but with the right actors to be able to cope with this financial panic and manage to overcome so many inequalities, so with the BTC and the alt's they must be bet under a decentralized scheme .

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Cryptographic Alchemy
Cryptographic Alchemy

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