Business Health in Quarantine

Business health has been undermined by the impact of the pandemic. Basically the companies that manage to survive this coming second wave can consider themselves lucky due to the high probability of falling into a self-imposed lockdown. But how can we anticipate a solution if we break our own schemes, if we violate our own financial order system that keeps us at bay and involves us in daily operations.

We live in the era of printing and we have always had that north under a "strong" currency, but we have really seen that with this disease, the economic systems do not reveal anything other than a void without foundations or sustenance. Many affirm that the confinance and the stimulus represent strong conditions to bear values, but the truth is that we have been debtor slaves within a bubble of stimuli and bailouts.

We will repeat the cycle of the great crises, what happened with the .coms or with the real estate sector in 2008 was not enough, we continue to challenge and bet to the maximum to live under the shadow of a structure that breaks its own bases and rules, which will not hesitate to repeat the bank rescue formula again, all this while you have ink and paper to keep under the mattress.

But the state of health does not have a momentary cure, there is more treatment of impression, and it is precisely about this that we have been talking about, about the storm of bills that seems to have no end because the true economic vaccine is not given. With this new executive, financial decisions will not have a significant impact of what we already know, and even this is the fundamental key to seeing the capital increase that is had with respect to Bitcoin.

This new team will mean more confinements and an unmanageable increase in debt, a crisis that faces a new face of resistance, as well as increasing the positions of gold and Bitcoin as the only safeguards, but more the second than the first due to their touch. unconditional of ungovernability.

The harsh reality of the dollar may bring it little by little, into the background, it is clear to see how it is manipulated and used in a political tool, and the answer is not so obvious because it is written in binary codes, and that is that Bitcoin is changing the minds of many and worrying the pocket of others. We will see parities disappear from the dollar to begin to see, with daring, signs of Bitcoin with more frequencies and in complete competition with the digital Yuam.

It is clear that the world of cryptos is a relatively new world, but it is the only thing we have in the face of so many failures and repeated manipulations that we see in our surroundings. The division that we must handle and learn is Bitcoin, the true cure and vaccine against anti-trust that does not try to sink anything or anyone.

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