All roads Lead to Layer 2

A layered model is an organized interpretation that facilitates the interaction of protocols that combine and share the development of a common activity or service. We can easily see this by studying the OSI model and how it reflects the interconnection of data, from the reception to the transformation of these in bits, from top to bottom and vice versa, and to see how the process of various elements that are organized in layers converges.

The same can be applied to the interoperability of blockchain technology and how the five layers of work are intertwined in order to manage distributed work on the blockchain. From the application layer and the decentralized application staging (dApp's) to the infrastructure layer, the service layer and all those digital resources, the semantics, the network, with the infrastructure layer. We begin to see how these agents are involved in the evolution of this technology.

However, we see that all the sizing is really focused on achieving better scalability in the Etherium (ETH) blockchain services, also known as layer 2. This layer builds all the access to the tools that enable and facilitate the much sought-after scalability. Many appeal and compare other centralized networks, but this approach is not aligned with what we want to achieve through the non-vulnerability of data and openness so that anyone can be part of an ecosystem with a completely different business vision.

All the solutions we know such as rollups, plasmas or sidechain are managed outside the main chain, but with the clear objective of putting ETH in the game of progress. This area of data is vital and whoever develops a better solution on this level is basically extending the backbone of what is known as the crypto ecosystem, a complete network that forms a whole new economic culture. This is ETH.

The coordination with the other layers must be in a synergy of work, where the consensus of semantics will work according to the validity of the records that may occur with the solutions, either by blocks (currently) or through the side chains and complete batches, being ordered based on error and validity.

Little by little we will have scalability, there should be no doubt that this is a titanic work that has only been implemented by ETH. The number of projects proves the confidence they have in this environment and that these spaces can provide real solutions, because they face real problems. There can be no comparison with other chains, centralized or not, nor with cheap returns and transactions, we must start looking at these projects with deep realities of functionality and support.

I will not criticize other ecosystems that are working to build a tokenized world, but today ETH is starting to get everyone's attention. For those who only see the valuation, there are enough fundamentals to know that the price of this token will be much more than $3800. The 4 ATH's in a row have not been a fluke and it is the real investors that are reading the market. Let's not lose sight of this opportunity and start to see more of how it works and what is really the vision of ETH through its layers. All roads lead to layer 2.

As always I leave the links of some articles that helped me as a reference for the construction of this information. These contain more detailed information on the subject that is addressed in this writing.


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