A Universal Opening, UMA...The Beginning of a Whole

Definitely Decentralized Finance (DeFi's) are the way to the future, they are that digital terrain that is being prepared to build a defense that will help us against all that aberration of debt that is being created and growing around us. This is nothing more than a sure monetary restructuring that is being prepared with the reserves of value that will undoubtedly be in clear formation for an eventual aggressive devaluation, and part of this defense will be assumed by cryptocurrencies.

Among so many initiatives that are beginning to be developed, the role that a token is taking with its evolution in new fields is very striking. These are focused on financial innovation, the official flag of DeFi's. The Universal Market Access (UMA) project is one of those projects that is going under the table, its incredible concept puts its actions well ahead of its time, touching on transcendental and fixed issues such as personalized smart contracts or the tokenization of synthetic derivatives.

UMA is made for us to be the participants and masters in the elaboration of our own smart contracts, developed once again within the Etherium network and with all the knowledge and effort that a financial contract can give. The security in this contract is an important contribution that UMA will cover and the derogation of a third party is essential for this platform to be dynamic enough and can easily adapt to the dynamics of the users.

To understand a little the functionality of this token, basically its management revolves around a dynamic opening in removing those barriers that only large companies could pass and allow small and medium investors to digitize synthetic assets, on behalf of themselves and achieve a decentralization of markets. These systematic assets, whose prices oscillate in relation to the price of the asset backing them, achieve the financial openness that can only be achieved in the digital environment.

A step forward is how UMA should be seen, a different and well studied token concept that announces its full potential on the Etherium network, and as an ERC20 token with an innovative complexity, it allows that layer one to work in function of ensuring good data verification.

News such as the scalability that is to be built into the Polygon layer is information that should help us understand the magnitude that surrounds this project. A way of interacting and linking compatible solutions is an important step for a revaluation, market and usage, in UMA.

The risk of a change of system is present, the monetary reorganization is a path that governments are already working on, their fear lies in the derivatives that may arise from innovations that are born from cryptocurrencies, and in particular from DeFi's. UMA is one of those projects that is bringing together a whole new range of experiences for those investors who want less third party protection and who want to integrate a whole series of guarantees that only a combination of prediction markets, futures and secured lending can provide.

As always, I leave at the end of this paragraph the links that helped me to build this article. Its content gives a more precise information about what is UMA, origins, creators and quotations of where it can be acquired.



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