A Contact with Reality of LINK

A Contact with Reality of LINK

It is not Bitcoin, it is not Etherium, it is not Polkadot, we already know that the cryptocurrency that is achieving the best performance is called ChainLink (LINK). This data administrator is playing a stellar role within his field, clearly driven by Decentralized Finance (DeFi's), his presence reinforces the idea that automation is a pillar of financial evolution and more with the precepts and concepts that adorn the presence of an idea turned into a motor.

For a long time, the potential that LINK is turning out to be and its conceptualization of oracles as connecting elements between the Blockchain and the outside world has been evident. Its successful relationship with the programming of smart contracts makes this element a precursor of independence and omission of third parties, exploiting the full potential of decentralization through rigid exchanges that work, granting the degree of confidence that financial encryption is trying to assess and detach from the systematic patronage.

The relationship with the DeFi's makes it a key instrument for the updating and consent of life for those initiatives that are undoubtedly beginning to carve out their own existence in the world of cryptocurrencies. With a total blocked value (TVL) of more than $ 29.40B, it is not expected that there is greater interest than that of LINK to offer maximum efficiency in the expansion of external connections through oracles.

Its capitalization has risen to more than $ 9.93B, with an almost independent behavior, not only from Bitcoin but from other cryptocurrencies, currently reporting an increase of 13.90% in the last 24 hours and an average variation of almost 0.70% per hour. With numbers in red, this behavior of LINK has become quite repetitive and is an indication that all eyes will be evaluating this token, due to its usefulness and capitalization.

One of the references that most caught my attention is in the article by Paulo Jose for Cointelegrafh entitled "Chainlink will be worth $ 500" where he stated that there are market analyzes that catapult it to these borders, even with a limited time frame. Incredible but it is not unreasonable to think like this, being LINK unique in its style and practically a data manager that acts as an exchange under parameters of fixed realities that activate the regulations of smart contracts.


This article defines well the objective of LINK, being there to "verify the occurrences of the real world to incorporate them into the blockchain". You can get the most information from everywhere, you can find the origin, concept and use of this token, from its simplest to the most complex expression.

LINK represents that support that smart contracts have when they are integrated into a context with many gaps in the outside world. It is simply an ecosystem that points to a more sustainable and realistic blockchain, which really interposes the definition of decentralization, that which we all want and will achieve.


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