$9B Mt. Gox-era Bitcoin Could Unsettle Market

$9B Mt. Gox-era Bitcoin Could Unsettle Market

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Welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things crypto. Today I will be looking at how the potential return of over $9 billion worth of Mt. Gox-era Bitcoin in the coming weeks could cause problems with the overall market and the price of Bitcoin.



Mt. Gox Bitcoin

According to analysts at K33 Research the likely return of over $9 Billion in Bitcoin from the Mt. Gox era may well unsettle the overall market in the coming weeks. This negative price impact is expected due to the additional supply and pressure which will be placed on Bitcoin. 

This comes following the news shared by some creditors of the now-defunct Mt. Gox crypto exchange on Reddit. Within these updates was information regarding the amount of cryptocurrency and fiat owed to the creditors along with the completed repayment dates. 

These updates suggest that creditors could begin to receive their Bitcoin within the next month, which was noted by K33 Research analysts Anders Helseth and Vetle Lunde in an April 23 market note.

Currently the debt owed to Mt. Gox’s 127,000 creditors amounts to over $9.4 billion in Bitcoin, while there is also $72 million in Bitcoin Cash, and $445.8 million in FIAT. While the release of Bitcoin may not necessarily result in immediate selling pressure, there is a worry that the substantial amount, totalling 142,000 BTC and 143,000 BCH could “spook the market” according to Helseth and Lunde.


With Bitcoin currently trading around the $60k mark and with recent volatility attributed to changing tensions in the Middle East and the Bitcoin halving, there is a risk the flooding of the market with Mt. Gox Bitcoin could have a negative impact. The Mt. Gox creditors have been eagerly awaiting the return of their funds for over a decade, with the exchange having collapsed in February 2014 due to a series of undetected hacks.

Back in January the Mt. Gox trustee initiated contact with creditors in a bid to verify their identities along with the crypto exchange accounts that would be used for repaying their Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Back in December 2023 some creditors were repaid their Japanese yen, along with further fiat transfers reported in March this year, according to the K33 report. 



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