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Good day all, welcome to the latest edition of CryptoGod-1s blog on all this crypto. Today we will be looking at the addition of Diamonds on the Coin Market Cap Website, how to earn your diamond collection, and what you can do with them.


What are Diamonds?

Coin Market Cap is a great comparative website and store of info for all things crypto, most importantly your portfolio value. Diamonds are a new edition to the site, giving users a reward for logging into the app/site daily. As someone who loves to check the value of my portfolio daily, I find this a great addition to already logging in.

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How to Earn Diamonds

Diamonds are currently earned by simply logging in on a daily basis and claiming your diamond rewards. It's as simple as that. The diamond icon on the main screen, or under "your account"



What to Spend Diamonds On

Currently, a selection of limited edition NFTs is available on Coin Market Cap, with future additions and further incentives to spend diamonds planned for later release. It is a case of first come first served, so getting in early and stacking your Diamonds means when/if a monetary value arrives then your bag could be worth the daily login. The NFTs are part of a large market and what costs nothing in Diamonds today can always be subjective to the value of art.



Hope you enjoyed the read and have a great day.

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*For clarity, I am a user of Coin Market Cap but I have never received any remuneration or any other endorsement for writing this piece.

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