Ape-Man Brain Latest Drop - Batch #6

Ape-Man Brain Latest Drop - Batch #6

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Welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things crypto. Today I will be doing a quick write up on the latest drop in my Ape-Man Brain collection available on OpenSea. The latest batch, being the 6th, has brought the collection amount up to 150 with the addition of a 25 new NFTs.


Ape-Man Brain Batch #6


Ape-Man Brain is a collection of 150 NFTs (so far) based on the human brain. The collection is created from a MRI scan of the brain, which has then been turned into an artwork collective of individual images. Each NFT is unique and perfectly set up for use as profile pictures, or collected as artwork. The Ape-Man Brain is the first release as part of the overall Ape-Brain World, which will evolve and expand as the collection grows and develops.

Started six months ago in September 2021, this collection has been growing ever since. I began it as a bit of fun, to see how the art adaptions of the MRI would look. I was pretty happy with the results so have continued with the collection ever since, roughly releasing 25 new pieces every month or so. The latest batch has been the sixth drop, and as you can see in the image below each drop has had a different background colour. This was intended to show which batch the NFT was a part of, along with them being numbered in order.

  • The first release was the light blue background.
  • The second release was the green background.
  • The third release was the orange background.
  • The fourth release was the red background.
  • The fifth release was the yellow background.
  • The sixth and latest release is the purple background.




I have always had grand plans for Ape-Man Brain, and hope for it to become more than just a piece of art. My ambitions are underway, as I have been learning to code and creating a website for Ape-Brain World over the previous weeks. When complete I hope it will be a go to destination for Ape-Man Brain and the future collections to go with it. All the artwork will be showcased there and linked back to OpenSea where they are up for sale, along with some plans for games and potentially comics, etc to help create the story of Ape-Brain World. Currently the price for an Ape-Man Brain is 0.0015 ETH, having increased from the previous price of 0.0011 ETH. With each release the price has increased, making any early adapters see the value of their NFT grow as the project grows. See below a selection of the available Ape Brains in the YouTube video I have linked.



I hope to release more of them over the coming weeks and months, to at least get up to 250 if not more in the collection. So far close to 30 have sold to 13 owners, and hopefully many more will also. They are great as profile pictures, as per the one I use on here and on my Twitter account.

It is still very much a work in progress, but has been a fun hobby to work on in my free time. I make use of a site called Deep Dream Generator to create the artwork, which I wrote an article about previously and would highly recommend.

The collection can be found on OpenSea here: https://opensea.io/collection/ape-man-brain



I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for reading. If you get a chance please check out the collection here on OpenSea.

Have a great day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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