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Welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things crypto. Today we are going to look at the ever-growing art world that is non-fungible tokens (NFT's), in particular creating your own stylistic approach via Deep Dream Generator.



Deep Dream is an Artificial Intelligence program that utilizes neural networks to locate and improve upon patterns by applying them to original images. Deep Dream generator uses AI to explore algorithms that allow images to merge and explores the applications of a deep neural network. Currently, the deep dream generator project is running on version 2.4 Beta.


Open Page / Sign Up

Signing up is basic and standard as with any website, you can utilize your Google or Facebook accounts to create your account on DeepDreamGenerator. Otherwise add your name, email address and create your own unique password, never to be shared with anyone, and then you are in. You will be sent an email to confirm and complete your verification. Just click "confirm email" once you receive it and then you're all set.

Home Screen


Generate / Energy

You are automatically allocated 30 Energy once you register and another 5 once you verify your email. Pretty decent to start with, allowing you to create a couple of high-quality images from the off. You need the energy to make images, and it powers back up over the course of every hour.

To create your first piece click generate. This will take you to the creation screen, where you will need to upload your image(s). Your base image is the main image you wish to manipulate and recreate with a different pattern. Once you have uploaded a file it will automatically be saved in your account, so you won't be required to reupload. 

Next, you need to choose a style. You can import your own image, perhaps a strong vibrant texture or color, or even your own hand-drawn textures. A default library containing some of the most popular and iconic styles and artistic patterns is available if you don't have your own pattern at hand.




As mentioned above you acquire energy over the course of every hour, regenerating to your maximum level. Subscribed users and dreamers can store more energy than new members, so it is important to be active and make the most of your stored energy. The energy cost of images is shown for standard settings in the image below. 

Energy Uses


Creating higher resolution and quality images costs more energy. Generally, I'm happy to go for the 0.6MP versions with my work as it still gives me a strong final image to work with. To really maximize the end results, I boost the Enhance option to Extra-High and the Iterations Boost to x2.0. This increases the cost by 10 additional energy, making it 15 for an image, but I personally think it's worth the energy. Playing around with settings will help you get the best out of your images, and figure out what extras you want to spend your energy on.



Upgrades and User Levels

When you make your account your level is referenced as Newbie. Members have the option to upgrade their services by becoming subscribed users. All subscribed users enjoy many perks and benefits, depending on which plan they choose. As of the time of writing this, 09/09/21, the basic plan comes in at $9/month, advanced users at $19/month, and finally professional users for $39/month. As mentioned above the Energy costs of creating high-quality images increases the better the spec of the end product is.

Plan Upgrades


The energy obtained each hour increases with your levels, as does the amount you can store. This means the professional optional will allow you to create a high-quality 1.2 or 2.1 MP every hour or so, while also allowing you to stack up to 250 max. These options are only available to subscribed users, all non-paying members can only create up to 0.6 MP, which still gives good quality output. The image below gives a summary of the benefits to non-paying members. 

User Levels



Members are encouraged to share their works to receive likes and promote themselves. All works created on the Deep Dream Generator site can be individually downloaded by the original creator. Please please please just ensure you own the original image before you create a varied style for it!!! Through showcasing your works and gaining popularity and likes, you can increase your dreamer level without the requirements for subscriptions. Obviously, the advantages of the subscribed plans outweigh the dreamer benefits, but if you are looking to create only a few pieces a day then aspiring to become a dreamer is the way to go. The more work you showcase, the more likes you can generate to increase your dreamer level. You can also copy other user's patterns by clicking the + button over their pattern image in the bottom left-hand corner. Also please share the love and make sure to like others' work to help them achieve a higher dreamer level.

Dream Page


Have fun creating multiple variants of everyday life images, from animals to scenery and everything in-between. Enjoy creating some really cool NFTS.

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a wonderful day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


*For clarity, I am not a subscribed user of Deep Dream Generator nor have I received any remuneration for writing this piece.


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