War of Ants Mobile Game Joins The Enjin Ecosystem

War of Ants Mobile Game Joins The Enjin Ecosystem

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 26 Jun 2020

    • War of Ants, an upcoming mobile game joined the Enjin Multiverse.
    • Beta testers can sign-up through the telegram group and receive early access.
    • WoA will launch in Q3 2020 and it’s expected to be a play to earn game.

The Enjin’s Gaming Multiverse welcomes War of Ants, an upcoming real-time PvP mobile game with strategy elements and non-fungible tokens backed by ENJ tokens.

In War of Ants, every player manages an ant colony through the ant queen, and the main objective is to fight against other settlements. It seems that WoA will follow the typical ticketing system like the rest popular mobile games. For example, to start a fight, the player will need a ticket that can be either obtained through the daily rewards or purchased from the in-game market using scrap-bits, the in-game resource.

There will be two ways to achieve victory:

  1. Retrieve the chest located in the middle of the arena.
  2. Kill the enemy ant queen.

Besides ant wars, the colony mode allows players to upgrade the base and build an empire through farming aphids, fending off raids, and crafting items.

  War of Ants gameplay trailer.

Based on the official announcement, War of Ants will not only integrate Multiverse assets but also explore the possibility of collaborative gameplay with the rest of the Multiverse games.

War of Ants Wallpaper War of Ants Wallpaper

The closed beta will launch in Q3 2020, along with Enjin integration and blockchain inventory. It’s important to say that players will be able to try the game without having to spend any of their ENJ holdings, War of Ants will be a truly play to earn game, as the majority of the Multiverse Games.

In other news, the Enjin powered RPG, The Six Dragons released a blockchain crafting service, and it’s calling for streamers to try the game

A week ago, the indie game Paint My World also joined the Enjin Ecosystem, and it is reported that Space Misfits PvP arena is two months away. Additionally, PathFinders received a significant update.

Visit War of Ants Website.

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