Taps & SesameSeed Tournament With 5000 SEED Rewards

Taps & SesameSeed Tournament With 5000 SEED Rewards

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 26 Aug 2019

The event will take place on August 27, 2019, at 2 am UTC and it will last for 1 hour. Unlike the normal mode which costs 100 TRX you can join this 1-hour match for only 10 TRX.

SEEDGerminator provides the grand prizes to the top 5 players that will win 1000 SEED each. Furthermore, all players will keep the TRX that they win during the match. In Traps.one every time you die, you mine TPS tokens. During the event, the 3 players with the most dies will receive 10 times their normal mining of TPS.

The Prizes are:

  • 1st Place wins 1,000 SEED
  • 2nd Place wins 1,000 SEED
  • 3rd Place wins 1,000 SEED
  • 4th Place wins 1,000 SEED

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About Traps

TRAPS is a browser-based 2D game running on the Tron network and officially a member of the Tron Arcade ecosystem. The game is a remake of the popular agar.io where players control a cell and fight for resources while consuming other players to become the biggest cell in the map.

About SeesameSeed

SeesameSeed is an incubator on TRON and Ontology blockchain for games and projects. With the Seedgerminator project which allows dapps to raise development funds and other services, they are considered one of the most reliable crypto project up to date.

About Tron Arcade

TRON Arcade is a game fund by TRON Blockchain of $100 Million to be invested over the next three years. TRON Arcade is building a foundation of blockchain games ecosystem by teaming up with existing crypto games and funding new projects in order to thrive through one of the world’s fastest blockchain technology. Empowering developers to innovate and create amazing gaming experiences, TRON Arcade aims to bring blockchain games to the masses and push further the adoption of the industry.

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