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By egamersio | CryptoGames | 1 Aug 2019

The decentralized social media and gamified reward-based content platformRHOVIT announced the creation of RHOAM, an interactive, adventure trading game that utilizes Enjin technology, just like the RHOVIT platform. Now check this out, the game will offer the profits to the players! No further information is available for now, but stay tuned as we will inform you when the time comes. No surprise that RHOAM is using Enjin’s Blockchain to offer an unparalleled gaming experience. Enjin was and still is the leading gaming blockchain with the best games around.

By playing the game you will be able to win NFTs and other in-game prizes that you can sell later in the marketplace. Furthermore, players have the chance to be crowned as “Ticketmasters” through daily events and reap the profits.

Socialize in RHOVIT, Play in RHOAM

If you haven’t started already using the RHOVIT platform, you are doing a big mistake. Active users get rewarded with RPs and RBit for viewing videos, reading articles and socializing. Now, RHOVIT users will be able to earn NFTs and use them in RHOAM.

RHOAM will support the Gaming Multiverse!

The Giveaway

A unique giveaway is taking place by RHOVIT in which you can win Black Cards and Alpha Keys. Make sure you participate! Don’t miss your chance for NFTs!

Join Now The Giveaway


RHOVIT is a gamified content platform that rewards users for content creation and participation in the platform. Currently, in open beta, the platform aims to provide users a lot of additional features such as a Digital Marketplace, an RHOVIT Player Mode, their own wallet, and liquidity of their native token by listing in various exchanges.

  • By creating a Marketplace users will be able to sell NFTs, FTs, and digital assets by creating shops (Universes) in an easy to use environment even by the non-crypto audience.
  • RHOVIT Player Mode will make a highly-engaged user experience from live digital events and own the memorabilia.
  • The Wallet will be created for Rhovit and all of its functions. Currently, to claim your Rbit Tokens you have to download the NEM wallet
  • Listed on Exchanges is expected to happen in early Q4 of this year.

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