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By egamersio | CryptoGames | 13 Sep 2019

Today I’m chatting with Reece Geofroy of Boundless Studios, the indie developer behind a new game, Shield Shock, that is looking to utilise the Enjin blockchain gaming solution. The game itself is a 2D Fighter Platformer Game all about blocking enemy projectiles with your shield, and releasing mighty attacks right back. They intend to develop a 4 Player Party Fighting Game based around this mechanic of defence, and plan to offer various types of characters, stages, items and modes. It is still currently in development but the game is set to be released soon. Let’s find out more from Reece himself!

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Hi Reece, thanks for chatting today, first thing I ask is – what’s your background in gaming and / or game development?

I started gaming from the time I could hold a controller. I have older siblings who got me into playing games from a very young age and it has been an important part of my life ever since. As for game development, I started creating games just over a year ago. I have primarily only worked with Game Maker Studios 2, but I plan to start developing in Unity very soon.

I tried to explain above what Shield Shock is all about, but can you expand a little more on what we can expect from gameplay?

Shield Shock will offer players with a fighting game where blocking means everything! We drew quite a bit of inspiration from the classic Super Smash Brothers franchise, so you will see similarities like using items, platforming around your opponent, character specific attacks and more! We hope players will be excited about having achievements and unlockables in our game to feel a sense of progression in their mastery of Shield Shock!

With Shield Shock being a 2D Fighter Platformer – how many maps can we expect to be playing on?

We think that players should expect around 6-10 maps to be able to play on, as we want to go for quality over quantity and will be revamping these stages as we go!

Will it be available on PC, Mobile (Ios/Android)?

The Game will be available on PC with POSSIBLE console releases—such as PS4 and SWITCH—in the future.

I heard that you were looking to utilise the Enjin blockchain gaming solution, what’s the interest there for you? And how did you find out about Enjin?

My interest in working with Enjin is far more than just a marketing scheme. I intend to work with Enjin’s virtual tokens alongside possible online play, but nothing is set in stone at the current moment. As for how I found out about Enjin, I actually got an email from one of their support team members asking if I wanted to work with Enjin on implementing Shield Shock into their line of games.

How do you intend on implementing the blockchain aspect into your game?

I am very excited to be working with Enjin, utilizing their virtual tokens for players to unlock some cool bonus content in our game! I cannot release specifics yet as everything is still in the works, but we definitely had a good laugh about how perfect Shield Shock fits into one of Enjin’s recently released Multiverse Items.

For the online rewards, what could players potentially win or find by playing the game?

We would love to get into the Enjin world, having players be able to use specific tokens to unlock new characters and stages, but for now players will have fun completing special challenges to show their mastery of the game.

Having grown up on Pixelart games as they were the only ones available in the 80’s! Oh Golden Axe how I once loved thee…but for yourself in this day and age, why are you focusing on creating 2D Pixelart Indie Games? What draws you to that style of game?

Personally, I have always loved PixelArt as a form of media, so when I decided to start making my own games it was something I needed to learn! Pixel art is just an art-style that catches my eye and a style that, while still being very difficult, can be created quickly and made rather easily. I do not want to restrict myself to only creating 2D games, but as for now, I have great ideas for this genre that I want to explore and have a true passion for 2D Indie Games!

I noticed you’ve done a lot of tutorials on your youtube website about making an Indie game from scratch – nice to see the info. What made you decide to post? Do the tutorials relate to the Unity game engine?

Yes, over on YouTube at Reece Geofroy you can find my content heavily focused around game development and helping people get started as an indie developer. I wanted to start posting, as I have always enjoyed creating videos and I am very passionate about game development, so it came very natural to me! The videos as of right now are based in Game Maker Studios 2, but I will start making Unity related content in the near future, learning alongside my audience!

Cool! and I got to say I enjoyed your ‘A day in the life of an indie game developer’, actually made me hungry ha! Anyways back to the interview – I gather you’re learning how to integrate Kovan etc so you can test the blockchain aspects – how’s that going?

It’s definitely a process that’s for sure. It has been pretty basic so far and the guys over at Enjin and other indie developers have been very nice and helpful, so I can’t see it being too difficult to figure out.

I heard you have applied for the Enjin Spark program, for other indie developers who might be reading this, what did you have to provide Enjin for the program?

I had booked a small meeting to talk with some of the guys over at Enjin about collaborating for Shield Shock and everything lined up very well for both sides of the collaboration, so we got right down to business and they suggested I look into the Enjin Spark Program. I will be providing them with a test that I can use Kovan and the Enjin Wallet in my game, so as soon as that gets done we will work out putting Shield Shock in the Spark Program.

You’ve currently got an Indiegogo campaign happening, what’s available for those early supporters?

Supporters will be able to get the game at a discounted price during the Indiegogo campaign. If you back our campaign you can actually help develop the game for certain aspects in the higher rewards!

Have you thought about using Enjin powered gaming assets for future fundraising?

Not exactly, I would love to work with Enjin again in the future and I think being associated with them will raise more awareness to the game on its own, creating more revenue for the game overall.

The game isn’t out yet, but when can gamers expect to be able to block and roll;?

The game will be going under some huge reworking over the next few months, as I will be completely remaking the game over in Unity to connect with Enjin’s tools much easier and giving the game a better end result. This means that I will still be giving players a test demo for the higher rewards in September, but players might not get to play the full version of the game until late 2019 / early 2020. We want to give players the best experience possible, so we want to take our time with the game instead of rushing it out to make quick sales.

Great to hear! I’ll leave it there as I’m sure you’re busy getting game ready, but is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today?

I would just like to say thank you for everyone’s interest in Shield Shock, we hope you will join us in our unique fighting game experience unlike any other! Get ready to enjoy playing against friends in our awesome new party game!

And thank you for sharing your story and project. It’s great to hear about what Enjineers are up to in the multiverse space!! It really shows it doesn’t matter who you are, or what games you want to design, the Enjin platform can help anyone realise their dreams. Hopefully your game has sparked some interest and best of luck with the Indigogo campaign. If readers are interested in finding out more about Reece and his game developing journey, please follow the links below. There’s only 10 days to go until his Indiegogo campaign finishes, so support where and when you can 🙂 Every pixel helps;!



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